Origins or Steam: Personal look

TecStories writes: Ok so this has been motivated due to an argument that myself and another writer on tecstories had earlier today. Now what I had said was that Origins, owned and operated by EA could and might start to push into the Games Distribution market and could quite effectively completely remove Steam (owned and operated by Valve Corporation) as a means to purchase further games, the reason I say this is that we all have games on Steam so none of us want Steam to go.

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dangert122406d ago

Never signed up for origin don't think I will be either.
Steam has better deals even on the old EA games, and just because I don't play a game for 2 years or use the account for 2 years does not give you the right to delete my stuff!

shit I havent played my dreamcast In about a year or so still i don't think its okay for sega to come and take it away from me! ridiculous

chaldo2406d ago

Origin is pretty good.. just has stupid bugs.

SnakeCQC2406d ago

everything on origin downloads soooo much faster regardless of the time

DeadlyFire2405d ago

Well if you ever wanna play a new EA game you will. As some will require it.

Honestly I don't see why people gripe about Origin. Its not very different from STEAM. Its a program yes. It has a store yup. It has a friends list yup.

I don't care for shopping on either one unless I have money then it goes where I see best deal. That has nothing to do with the service.

Origin vs. Steam.
Downloads are faster on Origin.
Origin has a few bugs. Its new so what do you expect. Nothing made these days comes without flaws and patches. STEAM had similar issues when it arrived at first as well.

As far as the deleting stuff after 2 years or whatever. STEAM has same policy worded differently, but its still in there. Its ignorant to assume that its only on Origin. Any digital service has claimed this same right to do this. So its not something you don't already accept in your use of STEAM, Origin, Impulse, OnLive, GaiKai, or other service.

SnakeCQC2406d ago

why not have both? i do

ninjahunter2404d ago

Some people are apposed to using several services to manage their games, its a minor inconvenience that people blow out of proportion.

Megaton2406d ago

First of all, it's "Origin", not "Origins". It bothered me every time I read that.

Secondly, this is one of the dumbest things I've ever read on N4G. The author is completely clueless thinking that Steam caused certain PC games to jump from $50 to $60. It's a publisher deciding they want $10 more, plain and simple. It has nothing to do with Valve's percentage, otherwise all games, not just Skyrim and CoD, would cost more. Diablo 3 costs $60 through Bnet and Battlefield 3/Mass Effect 3 cost $60 through Origin. Publishers are gonna charge more when they can get away with it.

StrifeHawkins2406d ago

You say what you heard is dumb yet you agree that publishers will take advantage. Your basically agreeing with the article.

Megaton2406d ago

No, I'm not agreeing with your article. You're placing the blame squarely on Valve's shoulders for something in which they had no involvement. It's up to the individual publisher to put a price tag on their game. Valve's cut through Steam clearly has nothing to do with it as the $60 price tag can be found everywhere, including DD platforms run by the direct publishers themselves. It sounds like you're just trying to advertise Origin, to be honest.


COD MW2 is solely responsible for bringing the PC price tag to $60. They were the 1st to do so, people still bought the game, so $60 is the new norm. What infuriates me is that digitally downloaded games can't be sold used or lent to friends (unless u lend out ur account). And, there's no box yet the price is still $60. I never have and never will pay $60 for a PC game or any digitally downloaded game that's the same price as it's console counterpart.

NYC_Gamer2406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

I'm never gonna bother with Origin... i'm perfect with Steam for my new games and GOG for my older gems.....EA won't kill off nothing since Steam has more support from publishers and PC gamers....

Derpy2405d ago

The main reason I prefer Steam over Origin is that Origin's UELA is so much more invasive than Steam. Instead of trying to fix this, EA reworded the UELA to try to hide it. I personally don't think EA has any business snooping around on my PC and selling the info to advertising agencies.

Over the years Valve has shown a lot of respect for the PC gamer while EA considers gamers to be suckers.