One does not simply log into diablo 3

TecStories writes: Buying the game on the 14th of May, more than 24 hours later it's still a massive pain just to play the single player game. Make no mistake this game is the best hack and slash game I've played so far. It's just that Blizzards choice of DRM leaves much to be desired.

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360GamerFG1923d ago

Lol I love memes. They make the internet fun.

Snookies121923d ago

Yeah I laughed like heck seeing the title, especially with the picture...

ATi_Elite1923d ago

In Soviet Russia Diablo III logs unto you!!!

RedDead1923d ago

ugh..was gonna get this...I hate login issues

3GenGames1923d ago

You mean there's problems on release that'll be gone in 2 weeks? Oh my, this has NEVER happened before ever! /s

Godmars2901923d ago

Oh, poor Diablo 3.

Poorer still the bastard who thought up online connection DRM.

brish1923d ago

Poorer still are the unfortunate gamers who bought the product only to discover they can't play the game.

Ilovetheps41923d ago

I was going to get this game. Too bad it's having so many issues. Guess I'm not getting it for now.

StayStatic1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

Error 37 : "N4G Cannot Display This Message"

pandehz1922d ago

This reminds me

Try this in Google Maps

1. Get Directions
2. Set it for walking directions
3. On location A type 'The Shire'
4. On location B type 'Mordor'
5. Click on Get Directions and be surprised (make sure its on walking directions)

StayStatic1922d ago

One does not simply walk into Mordor ? :D

A friend showed me the other day , made me lol

pandehz1922d ago

The google guys have a good sense of humour