Epic Mickey 2 - First Behind the Scenes Video

Disney Interactive released the first Behind the Scenes Video of Epic Mickey 2: The Power 2. In that, Warren Spector and Paul Weaver talked about new gameplay- and co-op features.

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TheRichterBelmont2256d ago

I'm a Disney fan, but is anyone really looking forward to this? The first one was a mess due to the wonky camera.

If they fixed that, and the co-op is seamless and fun, could be a good value pick up down the road.

christheredhead2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

I'm pretty excited for this game. I had originally picked up the collectors edition of Epic Mickey and thought it was pretty fun. Only downside besides the camera was the implementation of the paint and thinner. There just wasn't enough direct impact on the world around you besides making platforms appear/disappear. If they could advance that idea, vary the quest structure and "fix" the camera, that would be awesome.

Since it will be heading to PS3/360 I'm thinking the camera should be much smoother, hopefully. With the Wii control setup, it could be a little indirect at times. It really wasn't as bad as most people made it seem though. It only got weird when you backed into a wall, made a close turn or jumped between weird angled platforms of different heights . Other than that, the camera was pretty solid and I never really had much problem with it, besides needing direct control akin to movement.