Square Enix India and Beyond - Interview with Founder Yasuhiro Fukushima

Japanese Game Development Giant and Publisher Square Enix recently announced their plans of expanding to the Indian subcontinent following which they announced a Game Development Contest in the hopes of unearthing some of the best talent for developing games. Read on for more on what they're planning.

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killerhog2072d ago

I hope squareenix goes back to something like ff8 (which I'm currently replaying). It's surprising me how the characters are like people I know. Selphie reminds me of a friend I know online. They speak the same, just the same personality I guess. I also knew a chick who was very much like rinoa in look/personality. It's why I can get into ff8. I just also beat legend of dragoon that was real good and had believable characters.

Ranma12072d ago

Square Enix is not Squaresoft, so dont expect much

killerhog2072d ago (Edited 2072d ago )

Yeah I guess but I also havent been able to get into current R/JRGs outside of squareenix