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Starhawk is an interesting experiment in genre blending. While everything works and all the “boxes are checked off”, it seems like there wasn’t a lot of time put into actual design. Story missions and maps seem slapped together in lieu of having players design the battlefields themselves.

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rogimusprime2104d ago

six out of ten? That's just irresponsible. Almost like they are looking for web traffic.

b163o12104d ago

Yeah, its sad what websites are doing for hits.

I'm happy with my copy the Multi-player is fast, and addictive. $well spent IMO....

j-blaze2104d ago

6 is a pretty good score for this game imo

kikizoo2104d ago

..says one of the worst delusional xfans without great exclusives.

r212104d ago

j-blaze is evolving! from uncharted hater to starhawk hater!

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32104d ago (Edited 2104d ago )

The game looks average to me also. They should've stuck with the quirkiness of WarHawk, now it's just another sci-fi shooter and those are a dime-a-dozen. But I guess you can look at it as an added piece of variety to the PS3 library.

@DigitalRaptor, it doesn't look that interesting to me to want to play it. I play and have played Gears, KZ and Halo and would like to take a break from those sort of games, preferably with something quirky like WarHawk--like I mentioned earlier.

DigitalRaptor2104d ago (Edited 2104d ago )

More people should play such an amazing game. It's good to know that you've played it. oh wait... ;)

Wraith Spectre, that goes for you too. If you guys weren't such lame fanboy trolls you'd know that the multiplayer is sublime. The reviewer played the multiplayer for 2 hours. Only 2!!!! that's their credibility gone. You guys played it for zero hours. You never had any credibility to begin with!!

@ Wraith
what do you have to back up your judgement though? You know the bull crap that j-blaze comes out with and his motives, yet you support his statement. I've seen the stuff you've come out with recently. It's not hard to see you're motives either. Many others have expressed where the game excels and it's obvious you're ignoring all that just to troll. These reviewers aren't ignoring it...they're just simply ignorant. The game isn't average when it comes to multiplayer (the games focus) and you know it!

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Tdmd2104d ago

Agree. Story quality: WTF? Like this website? NO.

VonBraunschweigg2104d ago

Check the very last sentence, this review is based on 8 hours of SP and a mere 2 hours of multiplayer. Two hours.

I'm having a break right now, and although I'm loving the action like nothing before I admit the game isn't perfect and could use some more balancing here and there, the fora are full of it. But the core is brilliant and very well put together. Took LBI years to make, so he starts his review with something on devs daring to do something new, yet he only gives himself 2 hours for a review, imo that's not really doing justice to this game or helping his readers.

My biggest issue so far is the mics, it's like they don't work, only very few times I hear somebody. In games with All Talk on, in de pre/post game playerlist (even when you see somebody's icon 'speak'), not even with clanmembers in practice (with messaging like "yeah I got my mic on but can't hear you"). Not sure if it's a NAT problem or if it could be patched, but it doesn't improve the necessary teamwork.

FunAndGun2104d ago

2 hours?!?!

And the website is called Blistered Thumbs. They apparently don't play THAT many games.

What a crappy review. giving this site a WTF and a NO.

moodgamer2104d ago

I must agree that this game deserves good scores. I cant understand why people are bitchin about no cover in a 3rd Person Shooter. Really, i dont understand. Are there rules to make a 3rd person shooter? Its fun has hell to play this online. I love, Battlefield and COD, for 3rdPS i love Gears. Starhawk as a diferent flavour. Its gun and run and have fun. That what it is.

Hicken2104d ago (Edited 2104d ago )

Somebody tell me this site isn't on Metacritic...

Edit Of course it won't change how much I love the game. But crap reviews like this from crap sites like this get added to Metacritic or moved around the internet and people take them seriously. Good games can do without the bad publicity.

SockeyBoy2104d ago

who cares if it is. Its not going to make the game better or worse. Enjoy the game man, we stress too much about the numbers these days.

arbitor3652104d ago

"A copy of this game was purchased by Blistered Thumbs for review purposes. The game was played for 8 hours, completing the single player mode in 6 hours, and an additional 2 spent in online multiplayer."

two fucking hours? they cant be serious. he couldnt pick it up and master in 5 seconds like some casual COD game, so he wrote this petulant, pathetic review as result.


"For starters, there’s no cover mechanic when you’re a soldier on foot. It goes against all your gamer instincts you’ve built up and is simply unacceptable to not have in a shooter-heavy game like this."

Is this guy serious? a cover mechanic would completely throw off the balance of the game. it has no place in this game


"You’ll die way too fast without a vehicle to ride or building to hide in."

that is the point, genius. it is a vehicle based game. the build and battle system is crucial. you cant just run in "rambo style," which this idiot probably did. clearly he was not playing the game as it is meant to be played and got his ass handed to him.


"In Starhawk there really isn’t any design employed because players are essentially designing the maps themselves"

duh. if all the buildings were already made the "build and battle" system would be rather pointless...... moron.


I cant believe people like this are actually allowed to write reviews

FunAndGun2104d ago

For real, this guy/girl doesn't know jack and sounds like a total casual clown.

"It goes against all your gamer instincts" - yes, that is what this review did.

You have to be a gamer to have gamer instincts.

r212104d ago

gamer instincts? that made me laugh.
does this reviewer know there are other ways to avoid getting killed? like using a speedbike or jet pack or hiding behind large structures or building a wall or you know taking out the guy before he gets ya.

can i just say, this reviewers a TOTAL NOOB. 2 hours? pathetic to my 60+ hours of beta testing starhawk.

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