Diablo needs to be reinvented for consoles

According to Senior World Designer Leonard Boyarsky and Lead Technical Artist Julian Love the Tuesday released Blizzard game Diablo III needs to be reinvented will it ever come to consoles. "It will be a great undertaking", Love said in an interview on camera with Zoomin.TV Games. Even though rumours around a console port of Diablo III are hot, the two designers said it's too early to announce anything.

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Lord_Sloth2256d ago

Custom Characters, please.

Larry L2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

I'm so sick of this whole subject. Anyone saying Diablo can't, won't, or needs any reinventing to work on consoles is a complete idiot. No offense, but that's just how it is. And as a huge fan of this genre, and someone that always has been, I think the "Diablo" type games work better and are more fun to play on consoles.

People have short and very biased memories. This type of game.....the dungeon crawling RPG was working well on consoles before it was working well on PCs. Albeit in a very simple version. I'm not the only person who remembers Gauntlet I hope.

It doesn't stop there though. People chose to forget that when Diablo 1 was put on PS1, the PS1 version was "better" than the PC version. Now that's opinion and arguable. But some people DO have that opinion, and it was argued about.

And since then, this genre has THRIVED on consoles with some REALLY great games. Baulder's DA 1 and 2 and Champions of Norrath were among the best but there were many others, they even started using that formula for super-hero games it was so popular and well recieved of a formula on consoles.

This gen started really slow for the "Diablo" genre on consoles. Finally Sacred 2 came out for consoles in 2009 and ONCE AGAIN.....just like Diablo 1 on PS1, it was proven that this genre actually works BETTER on consoles. It was a direct port of the PC version basically and the whole Sacred community, even the PC side because they aren't angry PC elitist like alot of the Diablo community, all agreed the game is better on consoles (aside from not getting the DLC).

Later that year Dragon Age was also FANTASTIC on consoles, and would have been even better on consoles than it already was if it also had the isometric view of the PC version. Only because BioWare have lapses of idiocy was it out.

Diablo 3 would work perfectly.....if not better on consoles depending on the gamer's preference. I MUCH prefer playing these types of games on a controller. I like moving my toon with the left stick, camera on right stick and skills/items on face buttons and d-pad with shoulder button modifiers.

Just using L2 and R2 as modifiers, that's 24 instantly accessible skills/talents/items between face buttons and d-pad. What toon consistantly uses more than 24 skills? "An under-powered at higher levels toon" would be the only answer tp that.
BUT even if 24 isn't enough there are 2 other shoulder buttons for modifiers too. That's 40 possible skills slots at your fingertips, on a controller and you STILL have the analog buttons and start and select open.

Now.....can ANYONE PLEASE give me one or more intelligent example of why Diablo 3.....or even the most deep of MMORPGs which people also always say can't work on consoles, won't work on consoles even though these games have been working perfectly well on consoles for just as long, if not longer than on PC?

I'm waiting.....because as of right now every time I see anyone say "Diablo 3 wouldn't work on console without HUGE changes that would gimp the game.", all I can think is how much of a completely braindead moron must be on the other end of those words.
I can name many examples of these games working as good and BETTER on consoles, but I've never read a single good example of why these games can't, won't or don't work good on consoles. I just see people say it, but not give any reasoning behind their "thought" (if you can call it that).

Lord_Sloth2256d ago

Example...Champions of Norath!

FinalomegaS2256d ago

Realistically they should bring it to next gen systems as the old system might end up getting server shutdown as we know Diablo can on for many years. SO if they bring it to the new systems at least they could be supported for just as long as the system is alive.

b_one2256d ago

From what i saw in past few days, i dont want Diablo. Other substitiutes are doing fine.

Drekken2255d ago

What did you see? A bunch of whiny 12 year olds that weren't even born when D2 was released crying because an online game didn't work perfectly the day it released? What else? Those same entitled brats going to every site and giving the game 0/5 stars because they couldn't log on for a couple of hours?

The game is great, especially playing with my friends... but the people who did this the first day needs to stay out of my games.

b_one2255d ago

d2? no, but d1 - finished even with bard class, dungeon hunter alliance does the job for me, and its cheaper, can play with friends too.

MysticStrummer2255d ago

I watched a few D3 videos and was shocked at how outdated the gameplay looked. I'd still buy it for my console if they made it available though, and yes of course the game would work just fine on consoles.