Diablo III, 3.5/10? Gamer entitlement strikes again!

Digitally Downloaded writes: "Just a quick note to point out something that is, frankly, utterly embarrassing for the gaming community: Diablo III’s Metacritic score (user ratings) is sitting at 3.5/10."

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PirateThom2253d ago

Yeah, sure is entitled wanting to be able to play a game you paid for...

MattS2253d ago

Having to wait one or two days to play a game =/= not being able to play a game at all.

Completely legit review to give it 0/10 because you can't play it for one day.

PirateThom2253d ago (Edited 2253d ago )

Why is it not worth 0/10 though? If the game won't load past the log in screen and can't be played in single player due to the requirement that the game must be always online, aren't the complaints legitimate, even if it is only at the time of writing, like all reviews? If anything, it's a blantant argument against always online DRM and Activision/Blizzard should be held to rights over it.

IronFist2252d ago

Gamers are such cry babies, Blizzard will fix the issues eventually. You would crying more if they delayed the game by a week.

LightofDarkness2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

2 days and counting there, Matt. There is no other industry in the world where this would be acceptable. Certainly not in the enterprise software world or any other commercial software. Why should videogames be different? Customers in the 80s and 90s (public, commercial and corporate) simply did not tolerate bugs, AT ALL. This meant QA was paramount to success: if you released buggy software, you would be held accountable. What has changed since then? Other than the fact that they now have dim-witted hyper-consumers with more money than sense acting as pro-active apologists on their behalf, that is...

Trenta272252d ago

What amazes me is that when other games have this issue, it pisses everyone off. When Blizzard has a issue like this, everyone is fine with it and says nothing but happy things about the company. Gamers are dumb.

vortis2252d ago

You sir, are the reason why we have day-one DLC, journalist who protect broken products out of the box and disc-locked content.

Yes, let's continue to not rage so anti-consumerism can continue strong in the gaming industry. Let's completely forget that always-on should never have been mandatory for single-player in the first place.

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DevilishSix2252d ago

IronFist said "Gamers are such cry babies, Blizzard will fix the issues eventually. You would crying more if they delayed the game by a week".

You are an apologist. IF you can't see a problem with 100's of thousands of people who gave their hard earned money for a product that is not working, then consider that something like this in any other industry or profession would prompt a class action law suit.

I will leave with this thought....the legendary Nintendo developer Shigeru Miymato once said that the first 30 minutes of any game are the most critic.

Captain Qwark 92252d ago


i agree with the fact that gamers were acting entitled with the whole mass effect situation. example, you dont like the way a movie trilogy ends you dont go to the studio/director and tell them you must change it becuase you didnt like it and invested some of your life into it so it must end the way you want ti too, so the game should be no different. that was entitlement.

this on the other hand is, you payed for a product and it doesnt work. if you bought a tv, brought it home, and it didnt work, that wouldnt piss you off. wouldnt take it back immediately and want a refund? no, apparently ironfist would be cool with waiting a week or more for a technician to "eventually" come and fix it.

if it were a few minor bugs then that is acceptable, but not being able to play it at all, thats crap. wait 12 years, wait outside at midnight for some, then what, oh it doesnt work lol thats weak.

Blastoise2252d ago

I also agree. Iv had enough of this "Gamers are selfish" "Gamers are babies" rubbish.
Bottom line is when you pay for a game, it should work. And people should stop making out like these developers are doing us favours, when actually they are running a business and are screwing a lot of people over with shoddy products.

wallis2252d ago

I love the hypocrisy. When Bethesda make a giant virtual world with some bugs people lose their freaking minds. But when blizzard screw legitimate customers over just to keep the status quo in developers favour and apparently we're all entitled pricks. At least Bethesda included a freaking console and a few commands.

And of course always online DRM for blizzard makes so much sense right? The company behind WoW and sc2 is clearly seeing financial woes from piracy and without it they're all just workin out of cardboard boxes right!? It's only common sense to screw your customers over to get 1.5 billion dollars instead of 1.4.

BrutallyBlunt2252d ago

Forums are generally full of hypocrisy. How many of these people on N4G said the same things when Twisted Metal wasn't playable? I bet many went in the forums to downplay the issue of those who couldn't connect online.

The fact of the matter is gamers are becoming more and more impatient and more and more selfish. I see it in how they play games online, i see it within the comment sections on forums and i see it in the rush to make an early review on games.

This self-entitlement is growing deeper and deeper and as publishers release games with more restrictions which means that clash is going to grow stronger and stronger. It is the world we live in now where some gamers think it's their right to download these games for free which forces companies like Blizzard to have such strong restrictions now. It sucks for those legit consumers but once again the bottom-feeders are to blame.

Blastoise2252d ago

What are you talking about, you've got it back to front. When Bethesda releases a broken mess people claim it as "The best rpg of all time", "Best game this GEN" & GOTY...

When Blizzard do it they get rated down on metacritic. Like they should.

Im glad people are taking the time to show their anger about a game that doesnt work. Only wish people did the same with Skyrim

DevilishSix2252d ago

The real issue with anit-piracy measures is that it punishes the wrong people. Pirates will also pirate a game and get if for free, D3 will be no exception. Yet the always online and having to be connected to play single-player are affecting those that have supported the developer by purchasing their game.

vickers5002252d ago


The difference is, Skyrim was actually playable for the majority of people within at least the first 20-30 hours before the problems set in, and still, the same issues did not occur for everyone.

I had a 13mb save file on Skyrim (ps3) and never encountered any slow down or broken gameplay.

From the sound of Diablo, it seems as if nobody can actually play it, not even a couple of hours

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HarryMasonHerpderp2252d ago

Dont be such an idiot.
If you bought a DVD and it didn't work
you would take it back right?
why should videogames be any different?
people spent a lot of money to play this game
and i think they have the right to complain about it.

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Godmars2902253d ago

After how many years of development and testing, having online being made mandatory for a SP game, gamers aren't entitled to the game actually working after having paid for it...

neutralgamer192252d ago

After all the hype what a disappointment.

radewagon2252d ago

The second I heard about the always-online nature the SINGLE PLAYER CAMPAIGN, I automatically stopped caring about Diablo III. If Blizzard ever chooses to change that necessity, I'll probably buy it. Things as they are, though, I'm glad I didn't let myself get hyped for this game.

mananimal2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

gamer entitlement?? thats pure propaganda , based on this series past games theres an expectation, thats natural, not entitlement, but GREED by the Industry as a whole, theyve attempted to casualize what has been a HARDCORE gaming exp, thats the TRUTH. How did this game garner or gain its FANBASE? simple, based on previous games in the series, but like most games this GEN its about casualitist, DRM,DLC etc, streamlining lol, a joke of a word, ITS the INDUSTRY(publishers,developrs & their Corporate Paymasters) who have a sense of ENTITLEMENT, theyve dismissed or forgot who made there game POPULAR to begin with, the CORE GAMER. Im sick & tired of these LIEING JOURNALIST through wordplay attemtping to turn it around on the gamer & say its our fault, NO!! you ride with who got you to where you are now, but like a WHORE who is disloyal, lustful & UNFAITHFUL, you(GAME INDUSTRY) NOW what to screw or be in bed with EVERYONE, that is called SELFISH, & that is what the INDUSTRY has become, a SELFISH, LIEING, MANIPULATIVE WHORE, whose LUST is NEVER satisfied.

vortis2252d ago

LOL dude, it's like you sum up everything perfectly with what's wrong in the industry, same thing was said here:

It's the same thing...these ignorant, idiot journalists keep blaming US, THE GAMERS for the shortcomings of publishers. It's ridiculous and this would never be allowed in any other industry.

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