40% off All Battlefield 3 Shortcuts this Weekend

This weekend grab 40% off all Battlefield 3 shortcut packs.

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Pandamobile2225d ago

I feel dirty, but I'll probably get the coop weapon pack because I know I'll never spend enough time on coop to unlock those :\

WeskerChildReborned2224d ago

It's not that hard really, it only take's a level to get about 7000 points so yea and it's also fun so i would just stick with playing Co-op.

Skate-AK2224d ago

They did a patch that's made the points needed a lot less than at launch. I havnt finished co-op yet but I am only missing the last gun.

Bakkies2224d ago

My brother and I spent about 2 hours one night unlocking all the coop weapons, so just get a friend and you'll be set.

Pandamobile2224d ago

When did they lower the score required to get the weapons?

Hufandpuf2224d ago

2 months or so after launch. it was a grind to unlock the weapons and people didn't want to replay the missions so they lowered the score requirements.

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Fylus2224d ago ShowReplies(1)
synchroscheme2224d ago

I can see it being worth it for some people.
Vehicle unlocks seem to set you at a disadvantage if you don't have them for instance, so it will even the playing field a bit without having to get blown up multiple times while trying to unlock them yourself.

If the price is reasonable then I see people may be willing to purchase these shortcuts. No one likes shelling out extra cash to EA, but if you don't have the time to invest into BF3 and you want more customization options, this is probably the way to go.

PixL2224d ago

I don't have all jet unlocks and probably won't ever but paying for them seems wrong to me, just wrong.

Drithe2224d ago

Too bad the shortcuts DONT WORK for the Ps3. I bought the one pack that supposed to open up everything. It opened up NOTHING. Got my money back and bought another game instead.

End of Line.

Fylus2224d ago (Edited 2224d ago )

Funny, because I was playing BF3 on the PS3 a few hours ago and encountered a rank 8 with an MP7 with multiple attachments, a rank 13 with a USAS, and a rank 2 with a Saiga. Keep in mind, that these same people with the exact same weapon combinations spanned throughout several matches. It was honestly annoying.

AusRogo2224d ago

Mp7 with extended mag ,i run into low level players using that alot now, that gun is OP with extended mags..

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