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GamerXChange: "Starhawk, the timeless story of a lone cowboy, trying to stake his claim in the “gold rush.” A story of exploration, family, and love. A story filled with adventure, gunfights – oh, and mutants, space ships, mechs, and buildings that drop from the sky. Alright, maybe it’s not quite the story some of us grew up with as kids, but it has its similarities! Starhawk is the spiritual successor to one of the PS3′s first titles, Warhawk. Aiming for the stars and introducing a new system known as “build and battle,” this game brings an ambitious new way to play third-person shooters from the creative minds at LightBox Interactive."

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iXenon2110d ago

Didn't enjoy Warhawk and wasn't going to give Starhawk any attention for that reason...

Then I played the beta. These reviews are pushing me to run out and buy the game immediately

M-M2110d ago

Don't go on reviews, go by self interest(unless the game is below 5).

ThatMiamiGuy2110d ago

I'm loving this game. Best online MP shooter-wise I have played in ages.

vividi2110d ago

I feel the same, multiplayer is a blast

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