WWE '13 Roster Currently Under Review

With WWE '13 set to be officially announced next month, THQ has mentioned that the roster for the game is currently being finalized and approved.

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Kratoscar20082225d ago

I want Masked Kane and Brock Lesnar.

rocky0475862224d ago (Edited 2224d ago )

Pretty sure that's already set lol.

Kratoscar20082224d ago (Edited 2224d ago )

Suposedly Lesnar is in "Lets see" status, Since i dont know in what time of the year will this wwe game will take then chances are they could dish Kane out for his absence in almost the latter half of 2011.

OneAboveAll2224d ago (Edited 2224d ago )

Bret Hart, Austin, Rock. That is all.

rocky0475862224d ago

@Kratoscar2008, Lesnar isn't in "let's see" status. He signed a legends contract with THQ and WWE to appear in the games last year. He's still contractually obligated to be in the games so he will be in 2013's edition. I don't know what you're disagreeing with here, this is a good thing.

wwefan2220d ago

We Want Melina's Fur Boots , And Torrie wilson legs thingys like the one she wears in SvR 2008 ! AND VICTORIA! we want at least 20 divas :) and no blur on the crotch and boobs in CReate a superstar :( since it's the attitude era theme :) thnk you ill keep you updated and one more thing we want all the RAW SMACKDOWN NXT Roster even the current ones :)

FearlessEve2218d ago

I hope there's more divas than last year. And I hope Kaitlyn is in it

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