Black Ops II and Footstep Sounds – To Hear or Not To Hear?

MP1st - Sound has always played an important role in the serious Call of Duty gamer’s game plan. Commonly referred to as “sound whoring,” it is a technique that must be developed in order to play at pro levels. With previous Call of Duty titles featuring perks that altered the volume of enemy footsteps but never having quite perfected the balance issues, Treyarch developer David Vonderhaar is looking to strike a happy middle ground in the upcoming Black Ops II.

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JonahNL2169d ago

I prefer the second option, because there should always be a counter for something.

On the other hand, in Black Ops you had to choose between Hacker or Ninja. You were either silent or undetectable by motion sensors. That was a good trade-off.

In other words, there was always a way to notice someone.

WeskerChildReborned2169d ago

I kinda wish they would remove the footstep sound option for those who are unfortunate to own a headset to hear other people's footsteps.