N4G December Contest Winners

Here are the winners of our December contest.

Contributors of the Month

1. The Round Peg 121955  $500
2. TnS 116215   $300
3. predator 57405   $200
4. BIoodmask 53455  $100
5. MrSwede 38895  $100
6. Catastrophe 34640  $100
7. MK_Red 33845  $100
8. Rowland 29920  $100
9. kingofps3 23850  $100
10. dk_2kx 23600  $100 

Congratulations to everybody who won!

PS: All winners will be contacted through PM

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TnS3964d ago

Congrats all and thanks for the news! :)

Meus Renaissance3964d ago

So wait..if you get enough points per month, you get money?

Meus Renaissance3964d ago

Do you have to reside in North America to win the cash?

Dusty3964d ago

The contest is for all members. Payment is sent through Paypal.

PS360WII3964d ago

Congratulations!! <--uh oh double exclamations.... ;)

MaximusPrime3964d ago

ok i was almost there but lost. :(

well done to the winners.

CRIMS0N_W0LF3964d ago

Kudos to MK, TnS and predator.

Some of the people in that list shouldn't had won.

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The story is too old to be commented.