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Can Max Payne find a way to stay relevant after almost a decade on the bench? Or Should he and Duke Nukem think about getting an apartment together?

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neutralgamer192252d ago

I have game and its a 7.5 at best. Mp is mediocre with alot of flaws such as stiff controls and mediocre graphics.

Sp is maybe an 8 with decent gameplay but too many annoying cutscenes.

Kurt Russell2252d ago

I disagree I think this is blatantly a 10/5... reviewers know nothing!

clarkjudo2252d ago

They are more confusing when you see one review get a 9 or 10 and another a 7.5. It seems personal taste is being revealed mostly and or they have a hard time getting their other personal favorite games out of their heads.

clarkjudo2251d ago

I may add, Max Payne 3 does not deserve anything less than a 9 (8.7). Sniper Elite V2 was getting less than 9 and that may be more understood. But I wish those who are reviewing games would research the developers ideas and motives to help rate the game it's self. Somethings can be misunderstood otherwise. As a result, creating a negative response with a lower score verdict.

clarkjudo2252d ago

Watch a boring downloading screen or disguise it with a cutscene format to bring a better flow to the game? Keeping that in mind and you may have a better attitude in what is being presented. Also remember, this is a story driven third person shooter.

neutralgamer192251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )

Better flow to the game with cutscenes really? Theres no reason this game shoukd have a cutscene every two to three minutes thats overkill. I dont knw if they were mimicking uncharted in that respect but they failed sorry.

Mgs was another game with overkill cutscenes but had lengthier action gameplay. Let me play a good five minutes before you put a cutscene i cant even get around. Some ppl definitely do it better than others and mp3 does not do that well.

clarkjudo2251d ago

If this is overwhelming by using a cutscene format during the downloading moments. From what I understand they can be skipped. Just getting the downloading icon is what remains. In other peoples opinions on having a cutscene instead of a loading icon is not done well compared to a more action driven game. This is understood because your dealing with a more story driven game with Max Payne 3.