Planet Raychul – Xbox 360 vs PS3 – Episode 1 Videocast

From the exclusive PlanetPSX videocast:

"It’s Wednesday (well almost – I’m traveling tomorrow so this week’s episode is going up a little early) and that means it’s time for another riveting episode of Planet Raychul, our weekly videocast hosted by the one and only Raychul Moore. In this weeks episode she looks at the finer points of the Xbox 360 vs. Playstation 3 debate. If you would like to have your question answered on the show leave a comment on the video itself or in the WordPress comments section below. Enjoy!"

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UltimaEnder2231d ago

It's not even a contest, Xbox 360 FTW!

jessupj2230d ago

Well sure, if you like the kinect or enjoy only getting 1-2 decent exclusives a year.

Otherwise if you like playing actual games, PS3 wins.

Omnislash2230d ago

pfffttt... Keep dreaming kid.

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Neko_Mega2230d ago

I think with bad hardware no matter what model and the fact the 360 can kill anything game if bump. I think PS3 wins it all, I wish Microsoft stuck with making 360 as good as Xbox was.

Because Xbox was build alot better then 360 was and it had alot less hardware problems.

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