Sony's Blowing It - In Easy Pie Chart Form

Kotaku writes:

"Here's the Japanese hardware sales by system/companies during the year's 1996-2007. Just look how Sony had it all! And then blew it. (Nintendo, of course, blew it before that.) Marvel at Nintendo make in-roads between 1999 and 2002. The clip features brief appearances by Sega, Bandai and Microsoft. Aren't pie charts fun?"

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Maddens Raiders3959d ago

...funny because history is repeating itself.

"Here's the Japanese hardware sales by system/companies during the year's 1996-2007. Just look how Sony had it all! And then blew it."

PlayStation's back. We'll revisit the pie-chart in a couple of years class.

MailMan3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

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moses3959d ago

The 360 isn't even in this video, shut up.

actas1233959d ago

Comparison should be between DS and PSP. The reason DS is winning is simply because its 50 dollars cheaper and has a touch screen...

TheTwelve3959d ago

People act like Sony is stupid enough to have actually just blew it like they wanted to. Hey, consumers made Nintendo what it is today, and Nintendo has really tried their best and it has paid off. I believe Sony will have the "pie" back very soon, but for now let's just thank God for the competition which is driving both companies to give us their very best.


Mr Marbles3959d ago

what a complete failure Sony has become, how do you blow such a lead, stupid decisions thats how.

dantesparda3959d ago

This is one of the most bullsh!t articles i have seen in a long time. If they are judging it by all the companies products then Sony and Nintendo definitely have the 360 dissimated. And Mr.Marbles, you are a big @ss fanboy with no unbiased opinions. So your opinons are complete and utter bullsh!t!

robep33959d ago

LOL so another xbot has nothing to do because his 360 is RROD again no doubt, so with nothing to play on he makes up a pointless post re the PS3 why dont you bots talk about the 360 OH THATS RIGHT 2008 is the


Blackfrican3958d ago

Japanese software sales:
Games with young girls wearing little clothing: 80%
Games with older girls with huge boobs: 19%
PSP porn: 1%

Nuclear radiation clearly damages the head.

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Shadow Flare3959d ago

I won't lie, i really wish ps3/psp sold as much as wii/ds. The roles have really reversed. But like nintendo showed, the underdog can make a comeback. I like how xbox wasn't even featured in there, except for one tiny slither in 2002. The music is awesome too. Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions, yeah boi!!

INehalemEXI3959d ago

exactly, tables have turned. In early ps era the consoles where great in sales but not really the most powerfull. i.e. N64(bit) vs Ps1(32 bit)

Now days Sony's PS3 is selling like N64 was compared to PS1. Yet PS3 is way more powerfull. The difference this gen though is were in the online era(firmware updates, bring home etc. unlike never seeing a 64HDD) and Sony supports its consoles for nearly a decade . So PS3 could see PS2 sales success eventually. they are 2 for 2 so far and could make it 3 for 3.

Shadow Flare3959d ago

the thing i've always believed though is that when comparing the wii to ps3, it doesn't matter. They are 2 completely different consoles and they are going after completely different markets. So it doesn't matter to me. Its always more important to consider what the best actual console is, and out of the ps3 and wii, id have to say the ps3 outclasses the wii pretty easily. Even if it does sell less

jcgamer3959d ago

you make a great point...since Sony will most likely support the PS3 for nearly a decade, it's hard to fully put the Wii in the PS1's shoes and the PS3 taking the role of the N64...plenty of time will have to pass in order to clearly tell this generation's story...they might BOTH end up being the PS1! wow, who knows...bubbles up...

INehalemEXI3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

True , wii's sales success is highly due to its price point advantage IMO not because it delivers a superior gaming experience. As does the ps3.

Although the wii mote is catchy enough for me to nab a wii It is not the console that gets most of my attention/money. bubs back @ ya Jcgamer

jcgamer3959d ago

I forgot to say it...bubbles up...

Shadow Flare3959d ago

thanks jc. Back at ya and DuB

dantesparda3959d ago

Not that you was the most raving fanboy to begin with, but you used to lean more towards the 360. And now you seem more favorable to the PS3. What happened? As for me I own the 360 and do think that its better overall (so far) than the PS3 (sorry PS3 fanboys), but it just pisses me off how the 360 fanboys act (i know the PS3 fanboys are no better, but i just care more how the 360 fanboys act). And there are things that i think are better about the PS3

Kleptic3959d ago


one thing though...this pie chart doesn't really illustrate exactly how things are playing out...

a video like this makes it appear like Sony hardware has drastically declined in sales...which is not the case at all...its just that the Wii and DS have managed to pull in an entirely new segment of the market...The Wii and DS are selling like mad, but it has not really negatively impacted Sony overall so far appears to have only brought more people into gaming that otherwise would not have spent any money...

exactly why most intelligent people declare that the Wii and DS are not direct competition with anything Sony offers...and MS for that matter...the main battle is between the 360 and PS3 for the rest of the world...over 50% of the DS market has no idea that other gaming systems even exist most likely...

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PS360WII3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

Wow really shows how handhelds kept Nintendo afloat. I think they make home consoles just for the fun of it while they know the handhelds are their bread and butter

MaximusPrime3959d ago

xbox only appear in one year. Xbox 360 aint there. lol

Great video Bloodmask, i enjoyed it!

Kleptic3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago ) is Japan yeah...

Something tells me you would not want to see what that pie chart would look like had it been US only...

SpaceCowgirl3959d ago

Does the 360 really sell that badly, or is it just they decided not to include it in the pie chart?

MaximusPrime3959d ago

very bad in Japan. They are not interested in xbox 360.

projectile3959d ago

The 360 has sold about 0.55m and the ps3 1.75m in japan. Its not selling to good but I cant say the ps3 impresses to much either considering its dominance in this region the last decade. Nintendo really is back.