Full of Vita: A Look at the Handheld’s Hottest Upcoming Games

A comprehensive look at the tons of upcoming Vita games on the horizon. - PSLS

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Sev1985d ago

And that's not even counting the 20+ new Vita games being announced at E3!

GribbleGrunger1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

ok, that may have slipped by unnoticed by some people but not by me. you specify 20+ 'Vita' titles when Sony themselves list 20 new titles without being specific... do you know something we don't?

Foolsjoker1985d ago

After the initial launch, I was hoping Sony would keep the stream going. At least I will have some titles to look forward to in the future. Good article.

MultiConsoleGamer1985d ago

Just give me Gravity Rush already!

Myst1985d ago

Definitely looking forward to LittleBigPlanet! Dragon's Crown as well which is sad that it got delayed but hopefully it will be helpful to the devs.

Mr_Kuwabara1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

Basically, a PS3 (in selection of franchises) in my front pocket.

Yes, I love it that much.

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The story is too old to be commented.