Cave Cans PlayStation Vita Titles

Cave pledged its support for PlayStation Vita at Tokyo Game Show last year as it announced two games for the platform, a shooter and a social game. It looks like both titles won't be released, as Famitsu's release schedule lists them as canceled.

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Snookies122132d ago

Not that it'd need them lol.

SpitTake2132d ago (Edited 2132d ago )

Umm yes it does. Cave games sell big in Japan, the vita needs Japanese sales. The Vita has very little games right now, it can't lose anymore. Don't let your fanboyism make you retarded.

jujubee882132d ago


I know for a fact it isn't because spell check has it underlined in red and there is no way in hell that is going into a database full of correct English words.

smashcrashbash2132d ago

Wow, taking it kind of personal there aren't you. There in no need for name calling

Hicken2132d ago

Define little. Keep in mind the library size of every other system at this point in its market life.

@jujubee88: Not every word in the dictionary is in spell check. Inbetween shows up as an error in spell check, but I can bet you money it's in the dictionary.

Darth Stewie2132d ago

If the Vita sales pick up I could see this company returning to develop games for the Vita in the future.

r212132d ago

didnt even see any gameplay so i cant react to this cancellation. now, to await the next coming articles that talks about how the vita is dying just because these two games were cancelled.

Knushwood Butt2131d ago

Yeah, 'unnamed shooter'. Er, so vapourware got cancelled.