Gamers rip Diablo III a new hellhole on Metacritic

Diablo III has been out for less than a day, but launch issues have driven a number of gamers to find justice the only way they know how (other than increasingly ridiculous memes): negative product reviews. As of this writing, the game holds a 3.4/10 user score on review aggregate site Metacritic. Many writers of negative reviews cite the inability to play offline, especially combined with the lack of available servers at launch. Whether it’s right or wrong to review a game you haven’t played, it does make for some interesting reading for the rest of us. Here are some highlights from Diablo III’s negative user reviews.

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chaldo2289d ago

LOL its blizzard what do u expect?

blitz06232289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

It's mostly due to the fact that people stayed up late (Eastern people stayed up to 3am to wait for servers) and got a big fat FU from Blizzard when they couldn't log in to the game until about an hour and a half later.

These people are like 5 year olds who didn't get the candy they wanted

dark-hollow2288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

"couldn't log in to the game until about an hour and a half later."

an hour and a half!!! oh the horror!!!!

smh what a cry babies.

humbleopinion2288d ago

Yep, somebody misplaced "Whiners" with "Gamers" in the title. It must be the same person who misplaced "wasted their timing trolling on Metacritic with user scores that nobody even care about when looking for professional reviews" with "rip Diablo III a new hellhole on Metacritic"

Bereaver2288d ago

Unfortunately blitz, they paid for their candy.

And as for the hour and a half? I couldn't login for about 8 hours. I went to sleep because I couldn't work up and tried for another hour and a half about 6 hours later.

But, I will let it slide. I believe the game is still worth 60. Right now, I can play.

catfrog2288d ago

what about the asian release? no digital pre orders actually worked, they paid for it but couldnt actually play the game because blizzard didnt actually give anyone keys.

for hours there was a forum post where gms were going through person by person activating accounts until blizzard found a way to give people what they paid for.

are they like five year olds? they certainly didnt get the candy they wanted.

people are paying for a service and its being provided horribly. blizzard could have fixed these serves problems before the release but chose not to and now we're picking up the tab. im not sure why blizzard thought it was alright to have such a small stress test before the launch, they should have been advertising their open beta weekend to get at least a million people trying to log in so that we could all actually play on release.

TekoIie2288d ago

Sooooo do we take the crown from Bioware "fans" and give it to Blizzards fans???

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reznik_zerosum2288d ago

some kids can always bring the score down,game will sell in millions with them or without them

popup2288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

Despite the sheer lunatic amounts of cash that they have milked from the poor World of Warcrack addicts, Blizzard have ambitiously attempted to curb piracy on this game by punishing those who paid $60 for the experience and making the single player game online only!

Sound easy to live with? How about when you get disconnected during play, you only retain cash and items and have to fight all the same monsters in the same section again because it has to quit the game rather than wait for a reconnection!!

So I had to replay 20 minute sections twice or more so that they could ensure that I was a legitimate player of the game and that I had paid for it. Trouble is, I don't want to play it any more now. Every step is a paranoid one now.

Ironically, I can watch someone playing it on Youtube. No $60 fine, no disconnections, reliable (thanks to editing out Blizzard's bloopers) and best of all, it is free!

This is why I am largely a console gamer of mainly exclusive titles these days. You get a polished and reliable product that is exactly as the developer intended. No if's or but's, just the game.

I know the issues will eventually be sorted but if you are going to release the game in so many regions on the same day then you should plan to have the hardware in place to support it. That is basic intelligence surely and why the fans have been so vocal. They should have released each region staggered and explained why.

V0LT2289d ago

It's an AH with a game built around it. It's nothing but cash cow.

SegataShanshiro2289d ago

The game has checkpoints.........CHECKPOINT S????? WHAT THE HELL DO THEY THINK WE ARE? RETARDS? God! Almost everyone who bought this game (99 percent i bet my ass) already knows what to expect from a diablo game amd they make the game for 12 year olds and meckbeards who play nothing but call of booty. I cant wait to see how intheir next patch they make the game playable as a fps and with iron sights and perks!

koh2289d ago

Your rage induced rant briefly touched on the English language I think, but I need a more cunning linguist to make sure.

shackdaddy2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

The checkpoints aren't really that bad though. The only thing I'm annoyed with is the damn online requirement. I mean, I'm not going to whine about it but it's extremely frustrating...

The disconnects don't bother me because I expected it but when I start to lag it kinda pisses me off...

Megaton2289d ago

If half the things in all these angry user reviews are true, it sounds like they completely overhauled it for casuals.

Bimkoblerutso2289d ago

It feels more...streamlined, in some areas, but much more fleshed out in others.

For instance, as unique as the classes in Diablo 2 felt, the classes in Diablo 3 feel worlds apart from each other. For better or worse, success with a given class has shifted almost completely away from skill trees and class-based builds.

Skills are learned automatically with leveling and can be augmented with runes for an added bit of customization. But runes and abilities can be changed at any time, so the focus has essentially shifted to real-time tactics and skill reallocation for specific situations.

I can't really decide if I like it better or worse at this point. I need a bit more time...I wish Blizzard would get their crap together with the servers and bugs.

vallencer2289d ago

The problem is is all these people who "reviewed" the game, and yes i use that term lightly, haven't gotten past normal. From what i've read in real reviews and from the developers themselves they say normal is essentially a breeze. But everything after that just gets harder and harder. Especially inferno mode.

Fatty2289d ago

Game didn't cure cancer and make a fat-free brownie that doesn't disappoint in the flavor department, so 0/10.

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