Apple's Macbook Air: But Will it Play Games?

PC WORLD Writes:
The rumors are swirling, the media's swarming, the hype is...well, it's hyperbolizing. All surrounding Apple very probably jumping into the ultraportable laptop market at the Macworld Expo which begins tomorrow. Does anyone care? Sure they do, because Apple draws attention for the same reason Andy Warhol can make us gawk at rows of Campbell's soup cans. Apple exudes cool, and if you're not cool, you're Dilbert, and getting Dilbert calendars for your birthday because your friends see you as That Guy isn't the same as getting Whoawuzzat?'s when you pull an Apple product out of your backpack.

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ITR3907d ago

IT already does.
Remember you can use Vista and OSX on Mac's now.
So it should play all games if you invest in Vista.