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SpitTake2137d ago

The art style reminds me of S4 League.

--Onilink--2137d ago

wow... you really saw so much in 2 scans?. Can you please tell me what its gonna be about? what genre? how is the gameplay? sound? something?? i really wanna know

meowthemouse2137d ago

You know its probably epic! Just like that game with generic trailers, that resident evil 6 game with all the zombies and shit.

--Onilink--2137d ago (Edited 2137d ago )

im guessing that scan is for the 3DS game because no way that background is for a PS3 game... i hope

ronin4life2137d ago

For some reason, the info and screens provided so far really remind me of valkaria chronicles...(I don't think I spelled that right...^_^;)

TheDivine2137d ago

Odd that its ps3 and 3ds not ps3/vita or wii-u/3ds. Guess they figire it will sell best on each platform handheld/console wise. Im just happy we get more 3ds games!

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