Sony planning a ‘PlayStation Vita Heaven’ for June

Today it was announced via Famitsu that Sony Computer Entertainment will be holding a second ‘PlayStation Vita Heaven’ broadcast event in June.

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PopRocks3592110d ago

Sounds similar to Nintendo Direct. Good way to reach out to your audience, I suppose.

jujubee882110d ago

Nintendo Direct has Iwata and is live streamed.

This has a Japanese b-list celeb and is segmented vids ul'd to YT.

Welcome to bizarro world! Make yourself at home!

KonaBro2110d ago

Livestreamed doesn't mean live. Nintendo Direct is pre-recorded too. Nice try though Nintendo fan!

Thatguy-3102110d ago

maybe a plathora of apps !!!! hopefully =) and of course games

Jio2110d ago

Anything to get this thing to sell more, the Vita is great and needs more sales to invite more developers.

TekoIie2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

I really dont understand why devs havent jumped on it yet. Theres almost no competition on the device for the top franchise's like COD, Skrim and Assassins Creed.

These publishers really confuse me when they dont invest in something that could easily bring in money for them : /

metsgaming2110d ago

yea its called E3 lol, hey if they have E3 and they still need this to show off games ohh that would be sweet.

NastyLeftHook02110d ago

why cant i transport in time to e3 2012...

Conzul2109d ago

You are. You just happen to be traveling at the same speed we all are :P

Regent_of_the_Mask2110d ago

It just means E3 will be all about the PS3 (and maybe hints at a PS4) while they have a Vita event on the side.

jujubee882110d ago

I'll give you a chance.

Just next time watch your mouth. Capisce?


Y_51502110d ago

When I see that, I'm sold!

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The story is too old to be commented.