Scratch Too Hard On Your XBOX Live Card? Microsoft Won't Tell You The Code

The consumerist reports that Microsoft sells scratch off cards that contain codes you can use with XBOX live. Trouble is, if you get overzealous and scratch off the code along with the scratch-off stuff-you're out of luck.

Microsoft will not tell you the code and they won't send you a new card. We assume that this is to prevent people from calling in and lying about not being able to read their cards, getting the codes, and then selling the unscratched cards to various chumps.

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ben hates you3991d ago (Edited 3991d ago )

it was to a 1600 ms points thing, DON'T use Scissors bad idea to begin with

whats stupid with this site no matter what comment you make you always get a disagree

mikeslemonade3991d ago (Edited 3991d ago )

The way you get an agree is when you boast about the PS3 or bash the 360. For example: Microsoft doesn't care about the customer like Sony does.
*RRoD hasn't been fixed for 2 years
*XBL has been wonky for more than a month and this is a payed service
*You only get a one year warranty for problems other than the RRoD
*Now they don't even give you sympathy for the card even though it's suppose to be a scratch card

I'm guranteed to get more agrees than disagrees now learn :)

littletad3991d ago

There's just more Sony fans on this site than most. I also use gamefaqs and that site is pretty big for Nintendo fans. If you want a more neutral gaming news site, I'd suggest Joystiq. Kotaku has just lost it. On a lighter side though, there are a small minority of people that actually own all three consoles or just consider themselves a gamer on here. But yeah its true, there's alot of fans who just hit disagree and give negative feedback for pure fanboyism. But who cares really.

Kakkoii3991d ago

You don't always get a disagree if it's a neutral comment :)

I think another reason they do this is because people could phone in and claim false serial numbers to get more codes from them for free.

But yeah, They should come up with a better way then a scratch off card. Something that's mistake proof.

ben hates you3991d ago

no it doesn't matter if the comment is neutral or not, at least thats how i've seen it

drewdrakes3991d ago (Edited 3991d ago )

They have come up with a better way, BUY IT ONLINE! You can get everything with your credit card from the comfort of your own home.

Bill Gates3991d ago

More money in their pockets, what did you expect?....AHHAHAHHAHHA

niall773991d ago

that would fix this problem :)

Kakkoii3991d ago

Never lol. If there's money to be made, Microsoft is gonna suck it dry.

Lord Cheese3991d ago

no it wouldnt as there would still be the need for xbl points cards to buy games etc - sony has started issuing cards also.

Cyrus3653991d ago

I don't get why so many people are reporting this story, i mean there other blogs/sites reporting this too...

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