Halo 4's New Hero is Revealed writes, "Halo fans, for the most part, have come to known John 117 as their hero of choice. After 343 Industries and Microsoft announced the release date and unveiled the cover for Halo 4, gamers are quite anxious for more details on the upcoming game."

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Laxman2139d ago

If this is true info, this is brilliant news! Halo 4's really shaping up to be something special.

crxss2139d ago

So the new hero is me? ...boner...

Nimblest-Assassin2138d ago

a hero is you!

That sounds very cool, even though I do not own a 360 I follow all Halo 4 news since me and my friend have made a tradition of split screen co-oping all the Halo campaigns

irepbtown2138d ago

A campaign,
and a campaign with your friends.

Now thats what I call awesome.

pixelsword2138d ago

@ irepbtown

That is very nice. Inxomniac attempted that with Resistance 2, but they dropped the ball when they made the story "cutscenes" all text as the initial loading screen and voice instructions and a smattering of storyline while you play. The multiplayer part and teamwork was phenomenal, but the way it was put together was sorely lacking. Halo 4 sounds like it will be a much better experience.

P_Bomb2138d ago

After I see a cutscene once in co-op, I tend to skip it everytime after that. The replayability for me comes from how fast I can get into the gameplay with my friends and skip the cutscenes, no matter how good they are.

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aviator1892139d ago

2 campaigns sounds awesome.

Hufandpuf2139d ago

That sounds so awesome. I really wasn't expecting co op away from the main campaign. This is a welcome surprise.

Les-Grossman2139d ago

I wonder if there will be some Project Freelancer Easter Eggs from Red vs. Blue with the UNSC ?

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The story is too old to be commented.