Sniper Elite V2 Review - The Vortex Effect

The Vortex Effect: This is the anti Call of Duty/Battlefield game. It’s also technically a third person shooter except for when sniping, which is what the bulk of the gameplay involves. If you’re itching for something completely different, and arguably the opposite of those types of first person shooters, then I can wholeheartedly recommend Sniper Elite V2 on the platform of your choice. If you’re only interested in first person shooters like Call of Duty and Battlefield and other run and gun types of games then avoid this like the plague because you’ll probably hate it.

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GAMExxOVER2256d ago

My main issue with the game is it forces you to play guns blazing in most levels, There is no option to really work hard to try to do an entire mission 100% stealthy and killing only the main target, you are always put into a position where you have to have a gun battle. At least give us the option of playing a level stealthy. Its easy to just shoot all the stupid AI from a distance, but try sneaking past them all, thats much more of a challenge, but the game does not give that option. Sure you can sneak past a few, but then you get to a part where you have to be known to the entire enemy regiment.

Bathyj2256d ago

I love the demo, but I'm abit worried that sure you can sneak around and be stealthy, but once you fire that first shot, you have to take out another 6 guys that just come at you. I think Id enjoy taking a couple guards at a time, then moving on to the next area undetected.

Do guards see you from a distance just because they have line of sight. I noticed this in the demo. Theres no way they would have seen me, but because it was physically possible, they did.

GAMExxOVER2255d ago

ya, sometimes they do see you when you think they should not, and sometimes you are like, how the hell does he not see me? So you never know.

Also I am just about done with the game and still have not found an area where you can get an extreme long head shot, I think the longest one I have come across was like just under 300yards.