Microsoft Aiming For Casuals Or Core Gamers With Xbox 720?

"A new status report on the current business and marketing trends of Microsoft involving their entertainment line has been called into question, ultimately leaving readers to ponder on whether Microsoft's next great gaming venture will be aimed at the casuals or the cores?"

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Dante1122258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

Casual ultimately with the way MS has been pushing Kinect and their services lately. They'll probably have something similar to Kinect for their next gen console which is kinda sad since in the past they claimed to be the hardcore gaming console to get.

Edit: @ NYC

Yeah, Halo 5 and Fable 4 as launch games. Then they'll go the Kinect/Media route (Competing with Apple and Google's TV/media services).

darthv722257d ago

the intention is to make the 360 more casual while at the same time make their next gen more core?

I mean it isnt that hard to do. The 360 started off as a core machine much like the PS1 and PS2 but over time as the life was extended it became more casual. Similar things with the PS1 and PS2.

The number of "core" titles that came out for the PS1 and PS2 towards the end of their run were outweighed by the number of non-core titles. This was in part to an internal shift on development for the upcoming launch of their successors.

PS1 internal development slowed while building up PS2 launch titles. That isnt to say there werent any core titles released during this time but the number of them were significantly lower than during the initial release and subsequent years that followed.

IF (this is just speculation) MS were taking a similar approach (as they most likely are considering they have tried to model the 360 success after Sony's own pattern) then it just makes sense that kinect and the advent of the "apps" are trying to keep the 360 relevant in the vein of the casual market while MS builds a game library for the next gen.

Like I said...this is just speculation but could very well be the plan all along. So all the drama about no exclusives or casual this and that for the 360 is all intentional. Their next system will be core to the...core.

NYC_Gamer2258d ago

I believe MS will aim for the hardcore on launch then shift to casuals later on

Shok2258d ago

Just like with this gen huh? Interesting thought.

NastyLeftHook02258d ago

yeah, it seams that way.

they have been focusing on the casual market for a very long time, microsoft isn't what it was at the beginning of this generation.

they are 90% casual

10% core.

glennco2258d ago

MS will come out swinging with inbuilt kinect 2.0 everywhere. it is pretty obvious they are focusing their efforts where the money is and the casual market is much larger than the core market.

they do have to be very careful next gen and learn something from the wii. casual gamers are not long term game buyers. publishers will also go where the money is so you will get less core and more shovelware if the install base is swayed towards casual.

i switched to xbox after my second PS2 died and have stayed ever since but it wouldn't take much to switch back. the 'cool' status of the playstation brand has always annoyed me as it seems to attract the image conscious much like apple... a type of person i despise. i know a few people who own a PS3 and have never even played a game on it. i bought an xbox for gaming not image, not movies, if MS cannot satisfy my gaming needs i will go elsewhere.

and fable is dead unless they drop their idiotic gestures communication method. this one reason is why i don't care about fable anymore, it felt like a kids game. i imagine it will focus MORE on gestures because of kinect. that just leaves tired old halo.

MS needs to get their shit together and this post is way too long sorry

Shok2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

It's kinda jacked-up how Microsoft ALMOST completely neglect the core fanbase that got them to where they are today. I remember at the start of this generation, the 360 was THE console to get. It had the best online (still does), but more importantly it had the exclusives and ALL the 3rd party support that the Wii and PS3 did not have at that time.

But ever since '09, the exclusives started sloping off and now we're down to literally 2-3 good (retail)exclusives a year. They're banking off of this Kinect money now and really just don't seem that interesting in their hardcore fanbase.

Hopefully this is just a temporary thing, and they return to their hardcore roots at the start of next-gen.

StraightedgeSES2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

To me it feels like after 2008 many big corporations decided to sell out the people who made them who they are today.

ChunkyLover532258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

They will do the same thing they did this generation. I'd expect a ton of exclusives and "core" titles to kick off the next console. Why do you think they are marketing the current Xbox 360 to families and as an entertainment hub? They are still going to push the Xbox 360 for family/casual people.

All the companies switch focus a bit, its just that people lock in more when Microsoft does it for some reason. Its not like they prevent companies from releasing core franchises, and its not like they have stopped releasing core games either. In fact, I'd say they are releasing some of the most core games on XBLA that I've ever seen.

Its getting towards the end of this console cycle, so we'll see less and less of what made these consoles so great, and more of a push for these consoles to have a life span like the PS2.

Hicken2257d ago

A bit? Microsoft's focus is NOTHING like it was three years ago. NOTHING.

Core games left and right, be they new IPs or sequels to existing franchises. Now, if you want a new IP, you'd better be ready to play Kinect.

Don't compare the 360 to the PS2. The PS2 didn't suffer a drought of Sony-delivered games as the new generation came in. Nevermind the multiplats; there were easily a dozen exclusives on the system the same year the PS3 released.

IS XBLA the old standby? "Well, we're not getting any retail games, but we still got downloadable stuff on XBL! That's the same as a retail title!" Microsoft is releasing a bunch of cheap and easy titles, and you guys are eating them up and saying their existence makes up for the lack of retail releases. They can let the indie developers make some (arguably good) games at low cost, then rack up the dough because 360 owners are starved for exclusive content(even though so few of them actually admit it).

ChunkyLover532257d ago

You sound very bitter, almost like you have personal stake in it or something. I personally think exclusives are important at the start of a generation, it draws people in. With this lengthy period of current consoles, it doesn't seem to mean as much. I've noticed a trend with this current generation where exclusives might actually mean the least they ever have in the history of gaming.

I think console fatigue could be part of the reason, pretty much everyone that wants one of the current consoles has one, and the other thing is that the quality of 3rd party multiplatform games have really put a dampen on what exclusives used to mean. I mean when you have games like Crysis 2 or Rage looking better than any exclusive, it just goes to show how far these developers have come.

I'm not saying exclusives aren't important anymore, just not as important as they once were, you can look at sales for any of the big three's mid level exclusives, people are just opting to buy AAA multiplatform games instead.

As for games on the PS2 late in its cycle, I think that having exclusives so late actually cost Sony in the long run, because the PS3 suffered from a pretty bad list of launch games.

Microsoft is still releasing some quality AAA core titles every year, while managing to release some high quality XBLA and Kinect titles. They are covering a bit of everything in my opinion, and they are probably gearing up for next generation as well.

At the end of the day, its just opinion, but I don't think 360 owners or any consoles owners are starved for anything, there is always something to play and I personally still play Halo Reach, Gears 3, MW3, Battlefield 3 and Forza 4 online on my Xbox 360, and I still play R3 and UC3 on my PS3 online.

SockeyBoy2258d ago

...and whats wrong with both?

vividi2258d ago

I think is to difficult to cater for both, see nintendo with wii and even Microsoft, and truly even sony with the move not to much of a support because they has kept with the core, in my opinion

ChunkyLover532258d ago

What do you think Sony is doing with LBP Karting and PlayStation All Stars? Same with Sorcery? Sony is switching things up and trying to cater to both right now as well.

Fanboys are the ones that spout on about how company A totally abandoned the core gamer and all that nonsense.

Truth is, all the companies want their products to continue to sell to a certain crowd, even when the newer products release.

Machioto2258d ago

@vividi Move is supported by sony you should visit iwaggle3d and check his stuff out on youtube.

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