Nintendo Patents 'Ornamental Design' for 3DS Circle Pad

"It's so pretty
One of the first things we noticed when Satoru Iwata stood on stage at E3 2010 with a 3DS was the Circle Pad. Some called it a slider pad, others opted for analogue stick: whatever name you chose, it ultimately meant that Nintendo was giving us analogue control in its shiny new handheld. It's since given us the Circle Pad Pro to provide dual analogue controls, though its questionable appearance means it's not exactly a design flaunted with pride.", writes NintendoLife.

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Ilovetheps42136d ago

I like the concave slide pad. It works well for me and I'm glad they chose it over this design.

--Onilink--2136d ago

not sure whats ornamental about it, or why they need to patent it if they already have a patented design for their analogs... but whatever

If its on the new 3DS's and WiiU i certainly wont mind. While i dont dislike the Circle Pads, sometimes they tend to slip after playing for a while

Game4life2136d ago

personally I think the best analog ever made is the wii nunchuck one. So comfy and easy to to use if you ask me. I wish they used that for the wii u

AWBrawler2136d ago

no, the nunchusk felt stiffer to me. if they could get nunchuck's grip and the gamecube's looseness, would be perfect

TheModernKamikaze2135d ago

Good thing I held back at buying first I'll wait for the new one.