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Snookies122401d ago

A remake of FFVII on the Vita would probably make it the fastest selling console of all time. Oh yeah, and Square would be swimming in money. But apparently they don't like to try and do something like that, because they're afraid they'll mess up the original. Not like it would matter, even if they failed we'd still have the PS1 version...

Hicken2401d ago

It's a win-win, and a lose-lose, if that's possible. Yeah, it'll sell, but NOBODY would be satisfied. Unless it was absolutely perfect, it'd just be a repeat of the reaction to XIII.

Snookies122401d ago (Edited 2401d ago )

I don't quite think so... As long as they keep everything the same from PS1, simply updating graphics of models and backgrounds, keep the battle system the same and everything. Just add some things on top of what's already in place. (Maybe new materia, some new monsters, a new place or two to explore. A new extra boss "Diamond weapon" would be awesome since that rumor about fighting it in the marshes always flew around back then.) They could stay away from voice acting (or get the same voice actors from Advent Children).

That's about all they'd have to do, though it would surely be 2 or more Vita chips I'm cool with that. They can't possibly mess it up if they go at it like that.

EDIT: Oh, and that whole thing where they stated we "wouldn't want to see Aerith being impaled by Sephiroth in HD". Yeah, I kinda would... That would be badass lol!

NastyLeftHook02401d ago

1. gran turismo
2. call of duty
3. battlefield 3
4. a new fallout game.
5. a new assassins creed.

Myst2401d ago

They showed Call of Duty at the keynote when they were first showcasing the Vita. Kind of makes me wonder what happened to it.

NastyLeftHook02401d ago

there probably showcasing it for e3 12

Myst2401d ago

Mm perhaps. I'm not really into CoD but I know it will help sell :)

Ascalon942401d ago

they already announced a Call of Duty and AC.

Knushwood Butt2401d ago

I'd replace 4 and 5 with something like a new Monster Hunter game (to satisfy Japan) and a Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker follow up (or similar), which I suspect is already in the works anyway.

MrMister2401d ago

Anyone who ever wanted those games, probably owns them on a console (considering that Vita is same price as a home console). I would much rather ave some new and original IP's for the Vita. One's that especially make use of the touch panel's and gyroscopes (to differentiate from the current games I already own on my pS3).

Treezy5042401d ago

Gran Turismo would actually serve the vita well sales wise.

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Myst2401d ago

Yep Monster Hunter and maybe a new Dissidia game as well :)

Snookies122401d ago

Dissidia on Vita would be too amazing...

gtxgamer22401d ago

Monster Hunter, GTA, Final Fantasy, Midnight Club, a few MMO's, etc.

Yangus2401d ago

And exklusive Resident Evil...

Myst2401d ago

I know everyone hates it but something similar (not 1:1 copy) but very similar to Raccoon City on the Vita would be nice. A squad based zombie hold off game with a campaign, co-op and perhaps multiplayer modes? I'm not to keen on competitive especially in the sense of Raccoon City but I know some are. I'd really just like something like that with a character creator and various armaments. Maybe something akin to Killing Floor on the vita now that would be ideal :).

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