What the Wii U Will Need to Succeed

Al Zamora writes, "n my latest gaming filled ideas brainstorm, I stopped to contemplate Nintendo’s new hardware: the Wii U. Nintendo showed off the Wii U at least year’s E3 and even went as far as to show off the new controller with touch screen, along with some titles some nifty tech demos. The discussion mainly around the Wii U was that it would now allow the Mario-loving powerhouse that is Nintendo to play in the AAA hardcore gamer market and have the ability to graphically support true 1080p HD titles.
Now, let’s fast forward to this year’s upcoming E3 and what Nintendo will need to announce in order to make the Wii U a true success with the hardcore gamer market..."

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NastyLeftHook02136d ago

exactly what the gamecube, wii, nintendo 64 ect needed...MARIO!

taz80802136d ago

But that will keep it as just another casual console and Nintendo has said they want to branch out.

PopRocks3592136d ago

Since when is Mario casual? I thought Wii Sports and Carnival Games were casual.

BitbyDeath2135d ago (Edited 2135d ago )

@PopRocks359, i'd define casual as anything that appeals to all ages which Mario fits the bill on.

Not sure why people would see 'casual' as a negative term.

PopRocks3592135d ago


If you read my comment, I never said anything about the term casual being a negative one. I just don't personally view Mario as a casual game.

I see casual game as a very short term "mini-arcade" type of experience. Something along the lines of Angry Birds or Wii Sports; a mini-game game type of design.

Mario is a longterm adventure/platformer that requires more than the press of a single button or single swing of the Wiimote. I see Mario games as core games.

Ck1x2135d ago

@BitbyDeath: although that maybe your definition of casual games, that doesn't make it accurate! If a game is rated E for everyone, that doesn't make it casual it just means it probably has less violence in it than your FPS games...

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WeskerChildReborned2136d ago

You forgot Zelda :D. Ahh i remember the days of playing Zelda on my N64.

NastyLeftHook02136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )

oh ....and ZELDA! XD

iamnsuperman2136d ago

For me it is an unveiling on specs. Mario is one thing but I would also like to know what I would be buying.

On a more serious note I am not sure. I am personally not a fan of Nintendo first party games (but open to see what they can do with this new machine). I think they have to offer me a device that is worth my upgrading from this generation. If it is costing anything above £200 (which I assume it will) it needs to be more than just a new controller type (really all we have officially seen in regards to the Wii U)

dark-hollow2136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )

good third party support.
good online service that is comparable to XBL/PSN.

besides that the first party games never failed me.

gtxgamer22136d ago

Rpgs, MMOs, Rts's. Games that will utilize the controller well, which im pretty sure a lot of games will (hopefully)

taz80802136d ago

I'm not as sure, look at the amount of games that actually used the Wiimote well. It never really was incorporated that well, especially by third party devs.

MrMister2136d ago

I know one thing Nintendo's gonna need: Something more impressive than a tablet screen and current gen graphics (that game developers are going to stop developing for since it wont be able to port PS4 and 720 games onto the wii-u). It does not impress me enough to buy one. Sorry Nintendo. I'll be skipping this one.

Unexpecta2136d ago

What Nintendo needs to do with the Wii U is completely dump the idea down a toilet.

I thought the Wii looked physically stupid, but this time, Nintendo hit the jackpot with the Wii U in terms of stupidity because of three reasons:

1. Same lame name. First of all, who the hell names a console a Wii? Second, why use it on a "new" console and just add one letter to it... Making the whole name sound pretty dumb, Wii U. What's worse about naming this console the Wii U is that people will associate it with the previous console, the Nintendo Wii. Which adds another element of problems.

2. It looks physically and aesthetically ugly, worse than an ugly duckling. The console itself looks like an Xbox 360 or just like one of those flat desktop computers. Looks like Nintendo still follows the same old road. Then there is the tablet controller, which is the biggest point, the third and final point.

3. Wow, I still can't believe to this day that Nintendo is incorporating a tablet controller for their console. I thought a bridge like this was forbidden and never to be passed, but wow, Nintendo has done it. Who in their right mind would want to hold that thing? It's an absolute abomination to a gaming controller and consoles themselves.

All I have to say, is that if any of the Nintendo CEO's are reading this, take a dump on the Wii U idea, I can tell the future and it won't do well.

Shok2136d ago

The design of the system itself was not final last year. That was a prototype model.

What's wrong with the controller? It has a screen in the middle? How terrible.

I do agree that they should give a name change though.

etownthree2136d ago

Those are your complaints? The name, design, and controller?

Who cares about the name and design? The Wii sold sh#tloads with its name.
And the design? Nothing wrong with it..... Most people didnt like how huge the PS3 was when it came out and how it resembled the Foreman Grill.

And the tablet controller???
That's probably the WiiU biggest appeal. Same way MS and Sony were forced to copy Nintendo with motion controls to try and get the casuals.... They might have to copy them again next gen with a tablet controller.

I for one can't wait to play Colonial Marines on the WiiU. The tablet controller for the game seems like a perfect fit.

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