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5 Reasons The FPS Genre Didn't Soar On the Wii Despite Improved Controls

Nintendo Enthusiast takes a look at the obstacles that held back the FPS genre from really taking off on the Wii. (Wii)

NastyLeftHook0  +   1290d ago
it needed its own top notch serious cutting edge exclusive shooter and not some ports f call of duty that were atrocious .
Hellsvacancy  +   1290d ago
Its the graphics man, i played on my PS2 for 10 years nearly, i want "next gen" graphics, BF3 etc, the Wii hasnt got anythin like that imo, hence it not bein entirely a next gen system, it was made for women and kids, and i guess people who like simplistic games, im not tryin to offend anyone, do you what you want, but me, i dont wanna play the same kinda games ive played before, flat 2 sided graphics

I want to play games that make me go "WOW" like this for example http://www.youtube.com/watc...

That was a real memorable gamin moment from this gen
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deep_fried_bum_cake  +   1290d ago
This is missing out the fact that the Wii is generally owned by little kids who have their parents buy them games, and you can imagine the array of crap they could buy for the Wii, and women who got it solely for Wii Fit. Those aren't the types to adopt FPS's.
kevnb  +   1289d ago
The controls were actually really bad, mostly because of the inaccurate tracking. I'm surprised PS move didn't catch on.
Captain Qwark 9  +   1289d ago
exactly, i seen "despite improved controls" and nearly died lol....but for the record....

-inaccurate controls/lack of precision pointing
-dated graphics
-poor networking ( compared to the ease of use of xbl/psn )
-wrong target audience
Venox2008  +   1289d ago
have you played Metroid Prime trilogy or Goldeneye... or Red Steel 2 and Conduit 2 with motion plus enabled?

all games that I said had great controls..
kevnb  +   1289d ago
Motion plus might change things, but by the time it came out...
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from the beach  +   1289d ago
The real question is why have we suffered through a decade of dual analog FPS when it's ALWAYS been clear that light-gun style aiming is far superior.

For example - no-one would ever play a console port of a gunshooter with thumbstick aim, unless for some reason they don't own the gun.
Lucretia  +   1289d ago
ur right for the shooting part, but those things only work well with on rails, i mean how to u crouch, melee, switch through perks/ skills etc with just a light gun?
Hicken  +   1289d ago
And how would you navigate? Build analog sticks into the gun? Then there's an issue or ergonomics, controllers for left-handed people, and other such issues.

If all you're doing is AIMING, that's fine. But we'd still be where we were a decade ago in shooters if we followed your idea.

You say some seriously ridiculous stuff.
from the beach  +   1288d ago
It's not ridiculous, you're just not used to seeing radical thought expressed on this site (other than radical extremist fanboy thought, but that's different!)

What I had in mind was a Wiimote / nunchuck style device with a thumbstick for movement on one and essentially a light-gun as the other, but there's any number of possible solutions, really.

But even that argument is for 10 years ago, we've moved on yet again and should now be hoping for FPS games controlled using just the player's arms, right to aim and shoot and left to move.

No need to have a gun or ANYTHING in your hands.
Redempteur  +   1289d ago
Controls ( with motion plus + nunchucks ) are fine .. but the lack of
- good networking interface
- Impressive exclusives
- Community
- subpar visuals & stories

Killed any chance of them to suceed.

The wii wasn't made with that target demographic in mind after all
esemce  +   1289d ago
Improved controls my a$$.
SecretPsycho  +   1289d ago
Improved controls is debatable..
NYC_Gamer  +   1289d ago
Outdated graphics and the stupid Wii mote experience

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