Mario Tennis Open Review [IGN]

"Mario’s extracurricular activities are so extensive at this point that it feels like he spends more time partying and participating in sports than he does saving Princess Peach. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. The strength of gaming’s most iconic franchise rests in its versatility. To that end, Mario is making his first sports spin-off appearance on the Nintendo 3DS. To say that it is a fun, addictive experience is easy enough, but Mario Tennis Open fails to capitalize on the franchise’s core strengths and suffers from a number of oversights, ultimately making it more memorable for what it could have done - and didn’t."

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PopRocks3592226d ago

Because one review by the likes of IGN determines the quality of a game, right?

Toman852226d ago

This is more enjoyable than all Kinect/XBLA titles out there. IGN is a X360 site since they have a X360 app....
Have preordered this game for 3 weeks ago, looks so much fun :)

Samus HD2226d ago

is this game that Bad??