A New Single-Player Standard

In his recent article, Richard Browne argues that used games are killing the single-player market. He calls it the “games churn:” people buy a new single-player game, play through it quickly, and then trade it in. Another person comes along and instead of buying a new copy of the game, buys the cheaper, used copy. The cycle continues, and sales of new copies suffer in the long run.

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glennco2286d ago

just make a game that has more options and more freedom. if it is worth it i will play the game again. a good example (even though they are MP games haha) i played bad company 1 SP through 5 times and bad company 2 not even 1. one was semi open with options to do what you want and one was a linear CoD wannabe.

if you make the game original and engaging instead of just copying another successful game people will replay it because most genres are just full of unoriginal crap.

release DLC for it at a reasonable time after the release of the game but announce it earlier to maybe sway the decision to trade.

Derpy2286d ago

This is getting kind of silly the way people are blaming every thing on used games. Regardless of where you stand about used games, they have nothing to do ruining single player games.

The main thing ruining single player games today are greedy publishers and developers. I have no trouble finding good single player games to play, as long as I do my homework before making a purchase.

Hicken2286d ago

The funny thing is how many gamers are saying "It's taking money from the developers."

I don't care about that. I care about the games. I want as many games as possible for as little money as possible, and I want to get as much out of them as possible. It's not my fault if someone else only got one day's worth of play out of the game, and even if I think the game is great, it's not my problem that the makers don't see any money if I buy that used copy.

Still, in my library are only games I intend to have for more than six months; if it's shorter than that, I have no desire to buy it. That's just how I purchase my games. New, used, that doesn't matter nearly as much as whether or not the game is going to last me a few months before I get tired of it. And if it lasts that long, I might as well keep it, because I'll probably put that much time into it at a later date.

Instead of complaining about people buying games used, how about making games people won't want to part with?

Y_51502286d ago

I see it as this. Pre-ordering bonuses are fine. It makes getting a new game worth it (sometimes). I have a problem with online passes especially being put in SP games! There are some flaws in online passes.