Review: MLB 2K12 (Like Barry Bonds' home run record) - GameFan Magazine

GameFan Magazine: "2K Sports is not yet contracted for MLB next year, and this is possibly the last time 2K Sports and Virtual Concepts take the mound. The commentary (including the Orioles play-by-play man, Gary Thorne) complements the action well, the revamped pitching works, and MLB 2K12 is very good at simulating the tension from both sides of the plate in tight games. Isn’t that what baseball is all about? If MLB 2K12 comes up to bat again, it has a lot of positives to build on from this year’s version. If not, at least it went down swinging."

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newsguy2133d ago

baseball = best sport there is

Tony-Red-Grave2133d ago

thats an opinion. But thanks to mlb2k7 keeping me company here in central america, FUUUUUUUUUU madden, i now like baseball