Starhawk Review: The Evolution of the Multiplayer Shooter [MediaStinger]

MediaStinger: The product of 1995’s singleplayer-only Warhawk on the original PlayStation and 2007’s multiplayer-only Warhawk on the PlayStation 3, Starhawk has undergone many transformations over the years. Like the legendary tale of the phoenix, the Hawk series hasn’t made many appearances since its debut and like the development studio behind the series and the Hawks themselves, Starhawk has risen from the ashes after said transformations to emerge as one of the best multiplayer games of all time by merging together elements of other wildly successful franchises such as Halo and StarCraft into an experience unlike anything else before it.

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NastyLeftHook02106d ago

this has got to be the best online tps ever.

spektical2106d ago

I love coop. I havent tried competitive, because of my poor use of hawks. Anyways, can someone answer, if the only way to play coop online is by inviting friends.

DigitalRaptor2106d ago (Edited 2106d ago )

It irritates me that one of the best online multiplayer third-person shooters ever to come out won't gain true recognition from the industry and gamers alike. The word needs to be spread on how good Starhawk actually is!