Diablo 3 Is Finally Out, Do People Really Like It?

So far not many reviews exist on websites but Diablo fans seem very disappointed. Gamers expectations for Diablo III have been very high and it seems a lot of gamers are not harpy with the overall result. Most have been complaining about not being able to play online and the gameplay has been changed to a more causal setting which a lot of hardcore fans do not like. Strangely no one involved in creating Diablo or Diablo II where involved in creating Diablo 3, which could be a reason why it is not as good.

Not all people seem to think Diablo 3 is bad though because newcomers to the franchise seem to be loving the game. A few of our followers on Twitter who have never tried a Diablo game are giving Diablo 3 glowing reviews.

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SlickShoes2137d ago

I'm not harpy with this article.

ScubaSteve12137d ago

im not happy with how everyone rated it on amazon

GameTechZero2137d ago

Its had mixed reviews. So I must say im enjoying it but hardcore fans seem to disagree.