Review: Legend of Grimrock [Press2Reset]

Almost Human have recreated the dungeon crawler experience for the modern day gamer. Sean Knight was on a nostalgia overload when he wrote his review.

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Elderly_Cynic2254d ago

Nice! I used to love games like Wizardry and Dungeon Explorer. Other than the Etrian Odyssey games on the DS, it's a genre which has sadly almost vanished. Glad to see a new, modern spin!

acidbrn2254d ago

I've never been really into this genre of game, But then again I've never had a PC or Laptop capable of playing many games.

SeanDKnight2254d ago

You should give it a shot. I think you'll be surprised by it.

Sharodan2254d ago

As Elderly_Cynic mentions, the Etrian Odyssey games are a nice alternative for non-PC owners. Be prepared for grinding though, because it also has JRPG elements.

PeachyAenne2254d ago

I needed a good dungeon crawler, this looks like fun!

MagicAccent2253d ago

Never played Eye of the Beholder or any of the really really old school stuff. But I loved the Might & Magic games, and playing this was like being 10 years old again.. Total nostalgia trip, but still so fresh.

I highly recommend this game to anyone who is up for a challenge :)

MWH2253d ago

who remembers Shining in the Darkness on the Mega Drive? it was an excellent game.