GamesEyeView: Can the Wii U Win Back the Hardcore Nintendo Gamer?

GEV says: So let’s say you’re a fan of Nintendo who happens to be a bit disappointed in the lack of hardcore titles this console generation. You might be excited to find out that a new Pikmin game was coming to the Wii on June 10th. You’d be excited perhaps, until you heard that it was a remake of Pikmin 2, which was originally launched on the GameCube.

Yep, another remake. And while we’re sure some hardcore Nintendo fanboys will gladly pay for an updated version of a game that they already own, in this writer’s opinion this speaks to a larger problem over at Nintendo. They appear to have a lack of new ideas when it comes to many of their core franchises, which is why hardcore gamers keep their Wii’s in a closet somewhere until that rare time that a new Zelda or Mario game comes out, and casual gamers use their Wii’s for Wii Fit, shovelware and little else.

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Y_51502379d ago

That's an obvious answer; Yes. But the real question is can Nintendo bring fans of the Xbox360 or Plastation 3 to enjoy a wide variety of games catering them? My answer is "perhaps".

dark-hollow2379d ago

"Win Back the Hardcore Nintendo Gamer"
the never left to win them back, the first party games were absolutely great, but the third party support and online that sucked so hard.

PopRocks3592379d ago

Not sure what the disagrees are for. The Galaxy and Zelda games on Wii are great games to say the least. They're easier, yes but I mostly think that's to compliment the motion controls.

NastyLeftHook02379d ago

bring some fresh new resident evil games like the ones you brought on resident evil 0 and the remakes ect..

mamotte2379d ago

Nintendo never lost their core gamers, the games they did for the Wii are funny, challenging and are among the best this gen. The real question is, can the WiiU win back the 3rd party developing? (and support it, btw)

MrMister2379d ago

I just don't see how a tablet controller and current gen graphics (which 3rd parties will stop developing on once 720 and PS4 come out) is fresh and innovative enough. Sorry.

Companies wont waste manpower, money, and resources to make a down-scaled Wii-U version of the next gen console games. That's the same reason why u didn't see PS3 and 360 games on the first wii. Nintendo just isn't making any business sense.

StraightedgeSES2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

Do you have the specs for the Wii U? if so please tell me . And the Wii U s rumor specs is more powerful then current gen.

AWBrawler2378d ago

Hope you have a napkin, knife, and fork for that Crow you gone be served at E3.

Nintendo is going to wow us. look at what they did with Wii. just look at Mario galaxy, Skywards sword, The Last Story, and Zack and Wiki. Those games look good

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