Mass Effect 3 Rebellion DLC Pops up on PSN Store

Jacob at said:

"So, the Mass Effect 3 Rebellion Expansion Pack DLC for multiplayer has popped up on the PSN Store."

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SneeringImperialist2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

Wow I cant wait, but if this is true why hasn't it been announced yet when it says the release date is tomorrow? and who are the Phoenix?

Lucreto2284d ago

Bioware said there is no dlc out this week. But the US store will be updated soon so we will see then.

BlindGuardian2284d ago

like always, the right move is to wait until there's a GOTY edition with all the DLC and the new ending

also, one with everything on one blu ray

casrman2284d ago

New releases and announcements ate usually on a Tuesday, it might get announced later today or tomorrow and be released next week. It would make more sense that way. But we'll see!

synchroscheme2284d ago

Man, for a sec I thought it said Volus Soldier and Sentinel. That would have been awesome.

And aren't there already Quarian engineer/infiltrator classes? Unless these have different abilities or something...

zeal0us2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

Phoenix probably Protheans or those Ralois thats never been seen. Doubt it would be the Yahg.

Megaton2284d ago

Probably just Prothean. They wouldn't introduce a new species through multi.

TekoIie2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

The multiplayer gives the impression that it is meant to co-exists with SP. So i doupt they'll add protheans to MP since isnt Javik the last? Interested in the Vorcha sentinel, hoping they give it tech armour and not some new "variant" like blade armour.

Also more Quarians??? Intrigued :3

zeal0us2284d ago


More Quarians probably mean Male Quarians if anything.

Title of the DLC Javik comes from is called From Ashes. A Phoenix is reborn from its ashes.

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god_o_war2284d ago

Where the eff is the alternate ending DLC? i thought it was planned to release it at the end of April.

Aloren2284d ago

They said this summer. Noone said anything about april... (and noone said anything about an alternate ending either btw).

Also, these MP dlcs are from a different BW studio, so they shouldn't delay the Extended cut.

god_o_war2277d ago

ahh ok thanks for that, lol dnt know why i thought it was april :\
not really interested in the damn MP tho :( i actually am holding off finishing the game until they realease the "extended cut"