Blu-ray wins in format war? At what cost?

Don Lindich writes: "My mind and my heart were in agreement that HD DVD was the way to go. To not recommend HD DVD would not be true to my own convictions, and it would be unfair of me to not recognize Toshiba's accomplishment in bringing an affordable, fully developed product to market.

Many in the industry agreed with me, and no one in the media expected Warner to pull the plug so quickly when HD DVD stand-alones were selling so well this holiday season. As for my future course, I will recommend the Playstation 3 to people who want Blu-ray until fully specified Blu-ray Profile 2.0 players are available and their performance matches the PS3."

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mccomber3935d ago

This guy sounds like another sore loser in the format war.

Bonsai12143935d ago

wasn't this this idiot who was wrote those "audio is better on hd-dvd," and "why hd-dvd is better" articles that we all laughed at a while back?

BrianC62343935d ago

What a dufus. I can't believe these HD DVD supporters. The only way Blu-ray can get the studios is if Sony pays them off. There's only one studio that was paid off to choose a side and that's Paramount. Funny how the side that pays studios off claims Sony is the one doing that.

General Pinky3935d ago

I have to say, he has a point there...
There was a lot off features that a HD DVD has the Blu ray doesn’t have...even now

nicholascage243935d ago

when you are confined by lack of space eg transformers HD DVD

Please stop with this stupid format war crap

the format war is over.

we dont need new articles on Blu vs Hd battle anymore

Just lay the damn thing to rest

Lumbo3935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

Care to point out the "lots of features" that HD-DVD has now, that BluRay has not, except the (worthless online content)?

Every BlueRay Player can play the most recent movies, the only thing you might not have is some of the rather pointless extra content like PIP commentary etc. But then thats the risk you take being an early adopter.

BrianC62343935d ago

When Blu-ray players come out with profile 2 all HD DVD features will be available on Blu-ray. And the Blu-ray movies will be full of great video and audio. That's something HD DVD will never match.

LoydX-mas3935d ago

And exactly how much will those profile 2.0 players cost?

I guess it would have been nice for Blu-ray to have waited and just incorporated all the features up front.

wageslave3934d ago

Why? The MPAA wants to kill DVD so it can move to BluRay's DRM.

And, it doesnt want to sell a DVD & HD version on the same disc, it wants to sell both copies. One at $20 (dvd) the other at $30.

HD-DVD is the user's choice.
BR is the MPAA's choice.

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Hatchetforce3935d ago

"Blu-ray wins in format war? At what cost?"

Why not ask one of those HD DVD early adopters?

MailMan3935d ago

'Nuff said.

Jump OUT and Play B3YOND

LoydX-mas3935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

Only $131.00.

Plus you get 7 free movies.

Cherchez La Ghost3935d ago

He basically stating that early adopters who have Blu-Ray players cannot have updates. The PS3 should not be the #1 Blu-Ray player on the market. The Blu-Ray camp should consider some type of incentive for the customers of early Blu-Ray players.

BrianC62343935d ago

There's no profile 2 feature right now that really matters. I don't think most people who watch the movies even care about that stuff. You always run the risk of missing features when you're an early adopter. I bought a PSP when it first came out. The new model has some features I can't do on my PSP. Am I going to demand Sony let me trade in my PSP for the new model? No, my PSP still does the main thing I bought it for. And that's play games. The early Blu-ray players will still play all Blu-ray movies.

Makroyale3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

He is sorry that he told people to buy HD-DVD and wasted their money on a dead format.

Do a search on his name. I emailed him when Warner went Blu, and asked him if he was going to issue an apology. He didn't respond, but I guess this is it.

Lumbo3935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

Welcome to the bitter world of Don Lindich, HD-DVDs most outspoken knight on the viral marketing front.

A nice rant filled with half truth and already busted rumors to justify his hate for the BluRay format. There he goes, ignoring Warners pre-holiday announcement to monitor the sales this season to decide on their future commitment. And seeing BluRay outselling HD-DVD even when Toshiba practically gave away the players for free the media sales still favored BluRay at a 2:1 margin. At $99 Toshiba sold them at a horrendous loss, hence no other manufacturer even bothered to build HD-DVD players cause you can't compete against something that is sold WAY below break-even point and unlike Toshiba the other manufacturers could not toll the movie market with patents and license fees like Toshiba could.

The decision was sound for Warner, Don Lindichs decisions where less sound it seems, so there is his reason to punch low in revenge for being wrong in his predictions.

Nothing worse than a sore looser.

jorellpogi3935d ago

I completely agree with you.

wageslave3934d ago

Got some evidence for your nonsense?

Instead of responding to his article, you call him names.

Wow. You're very persuasive....


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