Videogame DeLorean: Mission: Impossible and the “Embassy Function”

(Editor’s note: Videogame DeLorean is a feature in which we’ll take you back to the past to describe and analyze some of our most nostalgic moments in videogaming.)

By all accounts, Ocean Software’s Mission: Impossible for the Nintendo 64 wasn’t a very good game. In fact, it has all the telltale signs of mediocrity, with its awkward controls, frustrating missions that are more trial-and-error than anything else, and ham-fisted AI.

Yet despite its many faults, Mission: Impossible has a special place in Pixelitis editor Patrick Kulikowski's heart because of how many times he rented it as a kid. He considers Mission: Impossible to be one of those awesomely bad licensed movie games. It’s so bad that there’s still fun to be had playing it just because of its quirks.

For example, pumping an enemy full of bullets from an Uzi causes a delayed reaction for a moment before the guy does a full-on backflip – sometimes followed by a fourth wall breaking comment from Ethan Hunt, who exclaims “Yeah, way to go!” It’s hysterical.

Despite its inherent problems, the game does have one particular mission that always stood out thanks to its interesting layout. That mission, is the second level entitled “Embassy Function.”

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