Joy Ride Turbo Launches May 23

Joy Ride Turbo, Microsoft and BigPark’s upcoming controller-based sequel to the Kinect-based Joy Ride, will launch for Xbox LIVE Arcade on Wednesday, May 23, it has been announced.

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Brettman20082074d ago

I'm so glad they dumped Kinect for this title. The first Joy Ride game just felt so wrong using Kinect.

MasterCornholio2074d ago

Especially with lazy ass mode (look up gel ride in youtube)


from the beach2074d ago

I played the demo of the first one and found the controls very sloppy, however, I've also seen videos of people driving skillfully using Kinect in Forza 4, so there may yet be some ... mileage ... in the concept.

But one concept I would like to see is a race game where you drive with a traditional steering wheel and pedals, but gesture to activate ancillary controls, weapons, dashboard.. maybe lean out the window and smack people like in Road Rash.