Grand Theft Auto V in 2013?

Stefano Writes: "Is Grand Theft Auto V coming out in 2013? Well, if my Max Payne 3 receipt from Futureshop is any indication then I would answer that with a resounding or disappointing “yes”."

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Hellsvacancy2109d ago

Could he not hav taken a photo of this receipt? if it was me i would of done, the internet is full of none believers

hardandsloppy2109d ago

Seems legit, I have the same receipt :)

TuSeiSkeefoso2109d ago

There is a photo in the story post.

2109d ago
jay22109d ago

IF it's 13 AGENT's dead.

ilikestuff2109d ago

has there even been a screenshot of agent?

BattleTorn2109d ago

there was one or two leaked i think.

Pintheshadows2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

Yes, but it was a concept from the PS2 era.

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The story is too old to be commented.