TVE’s Grand Theft Auto 5 Wishlist: The Evolution of the Open World

The Vortex Effect: The Grand Theft Auto series has been one of the pioneers of the third person open-world/sandbox genre, and with the upcoming GTA5, these are some things I hope to see implemented that would help push the franchise and the genre to a new level. Since the game is rumored to possibly be released this year, these also apply to future titles as well if they’re not in GTAV.

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koh2229d ago

I absolutely do NOT want cops to take chase because of speeding. Realism can be great and all, but there's no way you'll ever get me to use my car's blinkers before turning in a video game. Who REALLY wants the option to pull over and get a ticket from the cops for speeding? Sounds incredibly boring to me.

StingerVE2229d ago

That's why I said as an option; I don't think it should be forced on people. I'd like it, as I think its stupid to have cops when you can fly right past them driving on the wrong side, or through a red light, or even run into them with a motorcycle. Obviously it'd only work if they had the speed limiting feature of Mafia II, but I'd love to have that option.

MrMister2229d ago

I want to see a GTA mmo game on next gen consoles--NOT as an official sequal (since GTA's are mainly story based), but as a spin-off experiment. The main GTA's can continue to stay single player (or maybe a little co-op like saints row--but still single player).

Next gen consoles should be able to handle mmo's

StingerVE2229d ago

That'd be cool, although probably not something I'd play unless it didn't have a subscription. I refuse to pay $60 for a game only to have to turn and subscribe to be able to keep playing it.