How smart people can make dumb games

There are plenty of smart developers out there, so why do so many of them make dumb games?

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THR1LLHOUSE2074d ago

Sure, most games are "dumb" but I think it's an over-generalization to lump BioShock in with "most games." Just because the majority of your time in it is spent shooting people doesn't mean there aren't deeper messages and things going on.

SeekDev2073d ago

Agreed, Bioshock is a FPS first and foremost. It's what makes it a game. What makes it unique is the atmosphere, storytelling, and these deeper messages.

NeXXXuS2073d ago

I would think that Deadly Premonition is a prime example of this lol.

Cajun Chicken2073d ago

I think people are often confusing gameplay over the scenario of the game. A lot of games can give very clever worlds, but the games have a constant stream of 'dumb' action. Otherwise, we simply wouldn't be entertained.