Nvidia poised to change gaming with cloud graphics chips

Nvidia announced today that it has created unique features in its Kepler-based graphics chips that could make cloud-based gaming much more practical. The company has also formed partnerships with companies such as Gaikai to make cloud games much cheaper and more appealing to gamers and maybe even eliminate the need to create a new generation of consoles.

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Saryk2257d ago

But what gets me is that it is technologically possible! But is it like slitting your own throat?

I did state over an year ago (here) that the console and standard PC gaming were going bye-bye!

But this would seriously kill hardware sales, anyone agree?

NYC_Gamer2257d ago

Hmmm...not really since people like me would rather own the hardware and build my own rig...

soundslike2257d ago

Thats true now

but what about in 10 years when you can choose to play on a mild home built rig...

...or a multi-million dollar super computer cluster pumping out graphics nobody could ever afford to build on their own? Not only that but one that upgrades itself and is consistently pushing boundries no hardware production line could ever keep up with?

Eventually there will be no competition whatsoever. That time is not now, however, but it is coming.

catfrog2257d ago


in the US (the largest market by far, graphics on cloud computing systems is limited by bandwidth, not hardware. sure, they could have a great setup, but you wont see any graphical gains because no company will try and push the boundaries with bandwidth like they will with consoles.

low res textures will be guaranteed if we're talking about cloud computing, it costs too much bandwidth to stream high res textures or things of this nature. many games read terabytes of data from one playthrough of a game already, we would have to substantially reduce that if we were to move to cloud computing model of business. graphic capability would decrease, not increase.

and lets think about the future. the gaming industry today pushes itself by expanding hardware. this is possible because hardware prices drop relatively quickly and can be profitable. cloud computing costs stay constant, if anything they rise as you get more customers, which means they wont be pushing the boundaries anymore, at least not in any conventional ways. we likely wont see significant upgrades to their servers for very long stretches, sure, the hardware might be cheaper, but the energy costs go through the roof and followed by that bandwidth prices increase. a company thats focused on profits will do everything they can to avoid operational cost increases.

the consumer is better off with their own hardware. not to mention what happens if your internet is turned off, you wont have access to the hardware anymore. someone crashes into a pole in your neighborhood and it could mean no more gaming for quite a while.

dcbronco2257d ago

Nvidia is a relatively small company that is struggling itself. Partnering with companies like Onlive will be hard when they are going up against companies like AMD, Intel and Microsoft. Good luck with that.

I do wish them luck though. Things happening in the industry are putting a ton of pressure on them to generate new income.

catfrog2257d ago

nvidia is roughly twice the size of AMD, intel is about 13 or 14 times as large as intel and microsoft is a little larger than twice the size of intel.

and microsoft isnt even a hardware business, im not sure why you mentioned them at all, theyre more partners than anything, hell microsoft is pretty much partners with all three of these companies, without them microsoft wouldnt be able to function. microsoft will fight to keep all of these companies alive, because if any one of them get a stranglehold on the hardware market microsoft stands to loose the most.

dcbronco2257d ago

Nvidia total revenue last year was just under 4 billion. AMD was just over 6 and a half billion. Intel was 54 billion. And Microsoft was just under 70 billion. I looked at the annual reports of each company. Not sure what you're using to judge "size".

Microsoft isn't a hardware company? Ever heard of the Xbox 360. Microsoft has several businesses that they don't mention much about. Remember Zune. There's Surface and then Kinect. The CPU in the 360 uses parts from partners. But MS played a major role in the final design of the CPU. They have over 200 CPU architecture engineers at Redmond.

The SoC in the 360 Slim was a MS design. And the Fusion line by AMD uses some design ideas from MS engineers. I've never come across anything that talks about MS doing graphics, but there is plenty that points to them moving away from depending on others for CPUs. Or at least as an equal partner.

GraveLord2257d ago

Cloud gaming will never take off.
Games will only keep getting bigger and bigger, while internet prices keep getting higher and higher with bandwidth caps.

deantak2257d ago

re killing hardware sales: you either do this yourself, or someone else will kill them for you