Grumpy Gurevitz: The next generation might be more than just a new set of consoles

Critical Gamer writes: If you stop and think about the videogames market and how it works, it becomes clear that it has not changed too much in terms of its business model. A company creates the hardware and then it releases its own games for the system, which consumers buy. In addition third party firms create games for the system and they have to pay a license to be able to put their game on a format which will play in the console. Consumers then pay for the consoles and the games. A ‘pay as you play at each step of the way’ model.

In recent times this has been coupled with DLC, where you can add more content to your primary purchase through additional purchases. The casual game and MMO sector have both impacted upon the traditional game model, by offering either very cheap games (the store owner acting as the publisher in effect), free to play (but with built in microtransactions – essentially a DLC-only model with no initial purchase), or a subscription based model with no microtransactions. Some MMOs have even tried to offer a mixture, for example DCUO on PC and PS3 offers a range of ways to access content. 2011 even saw Call of Duty attempt to move out of the ‘pay as you go along’ model and offer a subscription based service, called Elite.

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