13 Hilarious "#Error37" Tweets

While some gamers took the typical spoiled brat approach and whined about it, others took to Twitter to get a few jokes off and lighten the mood. It wasn't long before "Error 37" started to trend and became a full-on meme. Here are a few of the best.

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Emilio_Estevez2138d ago

Nice, I actually liked that

Kran2138d ago

lol at the skyrim one. Just when you thought the skyrim arrow to the knee jokes weren't funny anymore :D

capcock2138d ago (Edited 2138d ago )

HAHAHAHA those tweets were freaking hilarious :D
and this is why I never buy blizzard games day 1, servers always crash LMFAO

Brawler2138d ago

Ya i shouldnt have I felt that since the launch of cataclysm went fine i would assume they could do it for diablo 3 i guess not.

FlashXIII2138d ago

Funny tweets but the article fails when they refer to Diablo 3 as an MMO.