Microsoft Studios 50% Off Sale On Xbox Live Discounts Lots Of Games and DLC

There is a huge sale happening on Xbox Live right now where you can find 50% off deal on some of the best DLC and games available on the marketplace. Highlights include Trials HD, Magic 2012, Orcs Must Die, and Halo: Reach DLC.

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BringingTheThunder2105d ago

well there goes all my points!

Yi-Long2105d ago

... I'll probably pick up the TrialsHD DLC for 200MSP, and I'm considering picking up Trenched/Iron Brigade for 600msp, if I like the demo.

TrendyGamers2105d ago

I just bought Magic 2012, but at least I waited on the expansion pack and grabbed it for 200 MSP.

MacUser19862105d ago

Damnit! Will they ever drop the price of Ancients of Ooga?!

glennco2105d ago

good sale. they need to do this more often

urwifeminder2105d ago (Edited 2105d ago )

Trenched wow will check it out, i was saving my points for new forza 4 dlc.

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