Max Payne 3 ‘Gorilla Warfare Pack’ Hits Xbox Live and PSN For Free

With the release of Max Payne 3 today, the first piece of DLC for the game has been released on Xbox Live and PSN. Despite earlier reports from Rockstar, the Gorilla Warfare pack has been released for free and is ready to download for anyone and everyone.

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user54670072131d ago

Thought it might of been Big Foot unless they are keeping that for GTAV since it's set back in SA

Godchild10202131d ago

They should add PSN to the title and bit just Xbox Live.

Free DLC is always good.

TrendyGamers2131d ago

Just updated it. It wasn't on PSN when I first posted it. Thanks.

Dante1122131d ago

It's so wonderful when DLC is given away for free. Wish this was the standard.

SickoJay2131d ago

Not valid in EU...


Rampaged Death2131d ago

I know right ! I want to slow mo kill people as a gorilla.

violentfox2131d ago

gorillas is in reference to a bar scene in story mode, not a typo of Guerrilla