Nippon Ichi's 20th Anniversary Vita Title Scan

Nippon Ichi’s announced a second 20th anniversary title to PlayStation Vita in the latest Dengeki PlayStation.Artwork related to the project does make an appearance in the magazine.

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Burning_Finger2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

Nippon Ichi is pumping a lot of games for Sony.

Sony needs to buy Nippon Ichi

2258d ago
izumo_lee2258d ago

Well Nippon Ichi & a lot of the smaller japanese studios like Gust, Idea Factory use Sony's PhyreEngine to make their games. Since the engine is 'free to use' if you develop on a Sony platform that is why there are so many games from these companies coming on the PS3,PSP,and Vita.

CrescentFang2258d ago

thanks for the info, I never knew that!

LeBronista2258d ago

Woah.. the girl character looks seriously sad.. and this is the first time I saw a NIS character design look that way..

Morona from Phantom Brave is a sad girl yet very optimistic and occasionally cracks a joke..