Shhh, Sony Has +20 Unannounced Exclusives

"Yesterday in a heated IM discussion about which of the three console makers is going to have the strongest line-up this year, a friend of mine who works at Sony Computer Entertainment Japan blurted out that Sony's internal studios have up their sleeves more than 20 yet-to-be-revealed projects for PlayStation 3.

Intrigued by this I asked if he could give me some examples. Project Siren (makers of the Forbidden Siren franchise), Team Saru (creators of the Ape Escape series) and Team ICO are three of the studios who're getting ready to reveal their new projects this year. After some more pushing, he told me that all he knows about Team ICO is that the team is working on two games, both for PS3."

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Relcom3962d ago

Yes i hope STILL that 1 of the 20 is FF7 remake.

I've signed like 4 petitions for it jeez

nicholascage243962d ago

I kinda doubt it but i still feel it could be around 15.

i am banking on a FF7 remake too

Relcom i am in ur camp dude

MaximusPrime3962d ago

i signed the petition too. (please make it EXCLUSIVE TO PS3)

Marceles3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

Yeah that remake would be a dream come true if it looked like the tech demo. *angels sing* They seriously wouldn't need to change anything in the game since the story and gameplay is top-notch. Only people new to the series complained about the 3d character models...I think it would at least show people who didn't give FF7 a chance and preferred FF8 just because of the visual style to finally know why FF7 was so damn amazing when it first came out.

Shadow Flare3962d ago

I still believe firmly that teh FF7 remake will be the next title after tehy've finished FF13, and nothing anyone could tell me will change my mind. Square-Enix and Tetsuya Nomura have already stated they're full focused on FFXIII at the moment, so anything else will have to be after.

Also, if anyones seen FFVII: Advent Children, there's a small hint in the bonus section of the dvd. The section where they sum up the psone game in 10 mins, there's a cut-scene towards the end where Cloud gets a package. The package is a sign which reads, "Closed for Business" and then the feature stops. And also FFVII: Crisis Core, at the end is says, 'To be Continued'.

But i don't need any vague clues. Im an avid FF7 fan, and like me, many others, and the creators of the game, we all know its a special game. And it can't be dropped so easily. It will be remade. And remade for the ps3 only

Marceles3962d ago

The end of Crisis Core I think is the beginning of FF7...

*spoiler alert*

That's why Cloud is holding Zack's Buster Sword at the end on top of the train. They just didn't show how Cloud got together with Avalanche, etc...

Relcom3962d ago

He got with Avalanche because of his connection to Tifa, But yes there are details missing i'd like to know.

Shadow Flare3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

Thats not a spoiler Marceles, alot of that was shown in the original psone ff7. Crisis Core is the prequal, and i am gagging to play it

FF7 also shows how Cloud got into Avalanche. You have to go to the shinra mansion basement on disc 3, it shows you all that stuff about Zack, his sword and how cloud got into avalanche and the beginning of the game essentially picks up from there

sonarus3962d ago

offcourse they have unnanoucned exclusives so does msoft. you dnt announce all your exclusives thats just stupid

n_n3962d ago

with the power of the PS3... just imagine how crazy that would be! Team ICO is probably working on it... please!

Marceles3962d ago

Oh that's cool Shadow, usually after I get Vincent and Odin I never go back to the basement, but I'll go there and see if a new cutscene unfolds, thx for the info. I just put spoiler alert for people who didn't beat Crisis Core yet or see the ending on youtube.

THX71683962d ago

"SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS 2 with the power of the PS3... just imagine how crazy that would be! Team ICO is probably working on it... please!"

YES! That would be awesome! With online Co-Op! Imagine you and a buddy (or 4 of your buddies) climbing up a giant Colossus all in 1080p 60fps glory.

Orange3962d ago

I'd be happy if they just re-released "Shadow of the Colossus" reworked to run at 60 fps. The game would have been sublime if it were not for the chuggie frame rate.

VanDamme3961d ago

How about an FFIII remake?

Jinxstar3961d ago

I'd be happy if they just released the old one on PSN. A new one would be better but still...

QUNE3961d ago

and Sony will have another PS3 sale.

solidt123961d ago

I would like to see FF7 remake, Shadow of the Colossus 2, and anything else that Insomniac can whip up. I am also curious to see what Bungie has planned for the PS3, just curious because Im sure the Halo fans will be pi$$ed.

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Meus Renaissance3962d ago

I know this can be classed as a "blog post", but this rumour was so big I couldn't ignore it. Fail it, approve it, whatever you like. But atleast I tried to share this and those who saw this will know. For some reason, I just think it sounds genuine considering how quickly Sony built the PS2's software library.

TheTwelve3962d ago

Anybody who knows anything knows that Sony has the more 1st party support than Micro and Nintendo combined. This news comes as no surprise.


neogeo3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

now can I please have some bubbles back that the bots stole away.

shelbygt333961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

I would say that Nintendo takes the cake in first-party support. It just seems that way, maybe, with how many "nintendogs" and whatever they come out with each month.

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Joey Gladstone3962d ago

Man sony go easy on Xbox360,.........youre hurting them SO BAD RIGHT NOW..........
......"The JOEY has Spoken"

The_Engineer3961d ago

I would agree with you, but the way that these xbots have acted towards playstation and its owners its only right to just stomp a collective mudhole in their azz.

Marceles3962d ago

Anyone can seriously say there's 20+ 30+...however many + unnannounced exclusives for the PS3. There's no doubt there'll be some amazing games coming out this year.

Shadow Flare3962d ago

I hope Zone of the Enders 3 is one of them

thedude176553962d ago

Man i would love it if they came out with the third Z.O.E. it would be great to be in a huge detailed mech, with 100's of enemies swarming around me, with the power of the PS3 there are so many possiblities for a game like that.